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Merry Christmas Dear Internet!!!

Create a digital greeting
From our Family to Yours!

C and T

When it shines....its tropical??

Ever thought about this??   When things are going bad we say "when it pours"   but what do we say when things are going good?

That's my gift to you today dear're welcome!

Okay so why is it so shiny??

Its been a stellar week in the daisy field!  

Sunday -  My faithful fans (so my mom and tanya LMAO) will remember fondly my status update for sunday...."Hung out with the kids...made Christmas pictures...had Perogies for breakfast (yeah I did)...took a 3 hour nap...finished my paper....ate home made Turkey pot pie for dinner...cuddled with my husband...decorated the Christmas I am watching Dexter!! yup sounds like a great Sunday to me!!!"   I mean really, that's a good day!  Those perogies by the way were homemade by the polish lady at the deli down the street! YUMMMMY

Monday - The work day flew buy, I watched some Sons of Anarchy (season 1..kind of grusome but really good!) at my desk and then went to an amazing rehe…

seriously...its been 357 days???

Okay, thats almost a year!!!

What a freaking wierd year it has been!   so what, my new readers, you may be asking was 357 days ago?

It was the first day I noticed I had a problem with my vision and we started out on this journey with Intercranial Hypertension.    The end seems so close, I have an appointment to go see the specialist in 7 days and it should be when she takes me off the medication!   YAY....

But in the last few days I have been having more headaches (possibly due to sinus infection?), I have needed to wear my glasses WAY more, and have had 1 or 2 days with some wierd vision things.

I really, really, really don't want to be taking this medication forever!   Chris and I would really like to stay on the road to good health and start having a family in the next year, but that can't happen until all the meds are out of my system!

I am getting older, it could be because of stress, it could be I am not drinking enough water, it could be because of being sick.    Whatev…

Why does God let things happen?

I have heard myself say these exact words...and I am sure you have too!   My friend Ronnie sent this to me and it actually caused me to stop and think....

Have a read....maybe it will make you think...maybe it won't.

The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary.

My confession:

I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees, Christmas trees. I don't feel threatened. I don't feel discriminated against. That's what they are, Christmas trees.

It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, 'Merry Christmas' to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach…

BZZAGENT REVIEW - Trend Micro Titanium

I was offered the opportunity to try out the New Trend Micro Titanium Subscription and then submit a review.   I think some of you may have seen my posts when I first got it about how you could get a copy for a discount at Best Buy.

(discount code "BZZ30" (for use on the Trend Micro™ site) and the downloadable Best Buy coupon .)

I have had this installed now for about two months and I have to say I LOVE IT!  I was able to use my one subscription to cover my laptop, my tablet and my smart phone!  The install was really easy and even unistalled the other program I had on my computer for me as part of the install.

It took me only a few minutes to run through the set up and push it to my mobile devices.   The scan is quick and thorough, and no longer causes my computer to just randomly shut down for no apparently reason like the other one I was using!

One of the features that I LOVE is under the email/website settings, I notice it most on Facebook.  When I log in to facebook it…

It May be Raining Like Crazy Today....But I Saw the Sun!!

For those who know me well, you know that my family has been struggling alot in the last few weeks.    On August 17th my mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer  and that started this horrible ugly ride that we have been strapped into since.

(photo: Joel A Rogers)
I got the text to call my mom while I was at a week long camp up on the sunshine coast, I took my phone and sat down on one of my favorite beaches staring out into the beautiful sun hanging over the ocean surrounded by trees.   Behind me I could hear the girls laughing and enjoying the program I had planned for them.   I took the news like a good women in our family does - Strong and Optimistic.  When I hung up the phone  I put my face in my hands and I cried.   I cried in fear, I cried for my mom, for my dad and I just let it wash over me.

The wierdest thing happened as I cried, a long haired hippy guy with no shirt on appeared on the beach (wierd since its a private beach, but it happens).   He saw me crying and he looked v…

UH OH....its September!!!!!

So here we go, what happened to the summer?  Apparently I worked through it LOL.

My weekenights are slowly filling up with Choir, School, District Events, Area Events and somewhere in there I need to remember to fit in date night each week with my lovely and ever patient husband!

My calendar has gone digital, my files have gone cloud and I even found my GGC name tag.    What sort of things do you do to keep on track during the busy months?

For my faithful readers in the Vancouver Area, if you want to sign up as a leader or district guider you can always email me!   Depending on which role (or if your as silly as many roles) you take on, your commitment can be a few hours each month or week.   We are of course always looking for leaders who want to fill in for leaders who are sick or who want to be ratio leaders for camps and events.   Its a great organization to volunteer with and you can make a significant difference in the lives of young girls!

If you are wanting to sign up…

Lunch Time Review - Arturo's Mexican to Go

Today I lost my lunch buddies and was on my own.    I could sit in the cold office reading my book or go for a walk and see what happens!

I mentioned to our HR person that I didn't know what I wanted to eat and that I may just wander until something appeared and inspired me, she told me I MUST go try the "Taco Truck". 

She told me which direction to start walking in and I vaguely remembered passing by Howe and Cordova late one afternoon and seeing a "Taco Truck" packing up.  

When I arrived at Howe and Cordova I was met with this lovely sight:

I ordered the Calle Trio which is 3 corn tortilla's with your choice of meat and salsa.    It comes with black beans, rice and salad for $9.50 ; I also ordered a bottle of water for $1.   The staff are quick, efficient and clean, and I was impressed by how quickly my "non-fast food" was done.

A plus for this food truck - they take debit and credit cards, but I had cash and left a nice tip.    I ordered 1 C…

West Memphis Three Walk FREE!!!!!

As many of my long time blog readers will know and anyone who has been unfortunate enough to ask, I am very passionate about the West Memphis Three Case.   For those of you how don't know, these three young boys were convicted of murdering three 8 year old boys in Arkansas.   The main piece of evidence was a confession taken from a young boy unrepresented after 12 hours of interrogation in which he supplied information that was not even close to what happened.   There is a gap in the taping and after that you hear Jessie being lead through the testimony and police correcting him until they get the "right" info.
I learned about this case in an intro to policing class when we talked about false confessions (or maybe it was criminal law I forget) but I was so intrigued by the facts presented in class I had to go and read more.   I spent HOURS and HOURS over many days pouring over the public records and reading the "evidence" against the boys.   I was shocked and di…

I have been convicted.....

boy that sounds bad huh...well in a way it is!   

I remember in highschool we regularily threw around phrases like "your such a ____" and you can fill in the blank with the 3 letter F word....or the 6 letter R word!!    It was something we just never thought about, I mean everyone said it right??   As I grew up it became less of a "your such a ____" and more of a "that's so _____" and in popped that 3 letter G word.

I have ALWAYS hated racial slurs and have fought a losing battle with elder members of my family to stop using them.    They think its a joke and like to whip them around when they can to get a rise out of me!

A long time ago I dropped the F and G words from my vocabulary because it was no different than any of the racial slurs and because I have many LGBT people who have crossed my path who I love and adore! One day it just clicked for me that what I was saying was TERRIBLE and hurtful and no worse than what my Grandmother said at the di…

Great day at the Pride Festival

Today was a big day for us....West Coast Area Girl Guides hosted a booth at the Vancouver Pride Festival.

The response we received was overwhelming!    People were so happy we were there and we heard over and over that it was long over due.   Many people were surprised to see us and to hear that we are an inclusive organization.  I was moved by many stories of LGBT people who had taken part in Guides and Scouts as children and who felt it made a huge difference in their life.    I was deeply saddened by one woman that we talked to who long ago had been kicked out of Guides for being lesbian.   One of my favorite moments was when three young women walked by and slowed down and one girl turned to the other and said "wow...Girl Guides love gays!"   I just wanted to give her a huge hug!

I also met a sweet young man who had grown up in guides and credits it as being one of the saving graces in his younger years.    We had a great talk about his involvement and he even bought a bu…

Best snack ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I was super skeptical at first....but I kept hearing about Kale Chips!   I I don't really like kale on its own so why would I like it baked in the oven and how will this replace potato chips??

Well to tell you the truth it wont replace potato chips but it did make a super yummy melt in your mouth (literally by the way melt in your mouth!!) snack that is a good source of fibre.

Here is how I made them:

Preheat the oven to 325
rip the kale leaves away from the stem (thats the really bitter part) - I recommend bigger versus smaller pieces!
Spin, pat whatever you like to do...just make sure the kale is dry
make your oil mixture - mine was olive oil, sesame oil, hot oil and fresh galic

dip your fingers in the oil and then massage the oil into the leaves.
Lay the leaves on the try and make sure they do not overlap.
sprinkle with sea salt and garlic pepper.

Put in oven for 5 minutes
pull out and flip over leaves

put back in oven for 4 or 5 minutes (you need to watch - d…

Why I am still proud to be a Vancouverite!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that last night was not the best moment in Vancouver History!  But just in case you live under a rock.... CTV Coverage of Riot

I had a pretty bad feeling all day yesterday, I was here downtown in '94 and I was really scared that it would go bad win or lose.    In fact on my way home on the bus I just prayed and prayed for me to be wrong!   As the game was nearing the end, I began to get heavy hearted and started thinking back over what happened 17 years ago.   

I have never been a hockey fan to be honest, but I am a fan of fun!  I absolutley LOVE going to live games even though I am not a sports girl, because the atmosphere is amazing and how can you not love just soaking up other peoples joy and excitement!    The details are more hazy now as I get older, but I remember we left part way through the game to head downtown because thats where all the fun would be.   We walked up and down Robson and Georgia and Granville, the atmosphere was ele…

Update on life...

Another year has almost past by!!!

Today is my lovely sisters birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANYA!  This also means that it is only 4 days until my birthday.   Its hard to believe its the 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday! hehehe just kidding...sort of?   I do feel like time is slipping by in an ever increasing manner though!

So here is my update:

Marriage - IS AWESOME!   I love my husband and I am so proud to be his wife.   He is kind and lovely and always willing to work with me as we journey along.   Its great to have a true partner I can count on who loves and respects me!   He is also very very forgiving especially at the start and end of the school year!!!!

Work - IS AWESOME!   I am loving my new job and its a total fit for me.   I have tons of awesome projects to work on and lots of flexibility to do it all my way.

Choir - IS AWESOME!!  in four days we will be performing our world premiere of our choral piece that was commissioned in part to honour the 125 birthday of Vancouver.  P…

I wanted to share a poem

As many of you know, I am dealing with a medical issue right now that has probably gone undiagnosed for a very very long time and contributed to a lot of things that have been happening over the years!   Major Headaches, Back and Neck Pain, Weight Gain, Most of my Major Depression Symptoms and so on....

I am part of a great group of people online who all have the same thing and are going through the same things as me, and some of them are so much worse than I am.    I pray daily for them as they have lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods and even spouses because of this terrible disease.

The list of possible causes is as long as my arm and would basically mean everyone in the world is at risk....a scary way of saying they have no idea!

Today, a new friend of mine Heather posted a great poem online and I wanted to share it with you my faithful reader, not as excuses but as a tiny window into what it feels like to be me lately!

When your head is banging
And you can not see
The world is swayi…

I am Sad and Torn Today.....

As we all know by now Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American troops just outside of Islamabad.   Do not get me wrong, I do not  think this is the bad part.

What makes me so sad is that people are partying in the street.   People are rejoicing that someone is dead and they are openly wishing someone a painful horrid death filled with  an eternity experiencing anguish and torture in Hell.  This thought makes me so sad.    Have we actually become so jaded?   

Moreover, have we become so blind?    Bin Laden was merely a figure head, a face to a cause.   There are millions behind him who will step up and continue his war.    Until we can come to a peaceful understanding it will NEVER end.    This makes me even more sad.

As many of my dutiful readers know I am a very empathetic person and also very logical (okay well most of the time) and I will often present the devils advocate point of view just so it can be said and maybe cause some to think before they rant!

I want to preface this…