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A little follow up to yesterdays post.....

I have a lot to be thankful for...and you know it I wanted to take this time to sit down and say thank you to a few key people who really helped me out over this last really really hard year!

2011 was filled with pain for me and I have to say I was pretty glad to see it in my rear view mirror! Right off the bat, I experienced a devastating diagnosis of an issue with my brain. I was terrified and pained by the emotional toll of what it would all mean. The physical pain of the symptoms, and the psychological fear that came with not knowing what was happening. I was so worried I would end up being a huge burden on my husband.

Throughout all this my friends and family were really supportive and helped me get better! So thank you! The hugest of all to my loving husband who put up with my tears, my inability to get out of bed and for keeping our household together!!

It was hard to keep work, health, school, volunteering and my commitments under control, I was slammed....all thin…

How are you today??

I am doing well...thanks for asking!

Thought I should stop by and give an update since I know you are dying to know what I am doing on a daily basis! HAHAHAH

So what is new....

My Blog Post from July 31, 2011 about Growing Guiding at the Vancouver Pride Festival is one of the top 25 viewed GGC blogs! You can actually vote for my blog as one of your faves by going here!! I would love it if you would!!

My Mom is finished her treatement and doing well! read about it here and you can even help her name her new Foob! Wanna know what a foob is? better go read the post :)

Rachel is doing well! She has been working hard and hopes to be out of the hospital in June! YAY, let me know if you want to go visit and I will set something up and maybe we can all go out for lunch?

For those of you who know me really well, you know that I am pretty stage shy! Funny since I sing in a pretty amazing choir (voted top three in Vancouver!!! Well Gail did a call for a solo and I thought what the heck …