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I got to meet Jenny Lawson and COPERNICUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this took a little longer to write than I thought!

I was sure I would get home from our little trip to Seattle, finish packing my bag for camp and sit down and write you an awesome blog!  HAHHAHAHAHHA

Not even close....

Okay so just in case you live in a cave you need to go read the bloggess....any post will do but I really love this one:

This was the very first post of hers I read and then I had to go back and read all the other ones, she really is that funny!  I highly recommend subscribing to her feed.

Back on track...the reading!

Angel, Kam and I got up early and headed out to Seattle and of course we did a bit of shopping on the way down; I mean really, who can resist?  We found some great deals and excitedly headed to Costco, yup Costco!   We were so excited that we ended up getting there at 2:30 for the 6:30 start, sigh...

We thought we would scope out the signing area and then get a h…
A really cool way to see what I have been talking about!!   I am glad that words like Friends, Thank, God, Share and Family are bigger than fear, pain and cried!

Thanks for helping me make my tree filled with beautiful words!

I can't believe its actually over.... UPDATED X1

Today I walked down the hall alone...the sweatshirt in my hand the only thing to prove I was here.   I thought back to the first day, how excited I was, how scared I was!   Today I am filled with an extreme conflict of emotions; I am incredibly sad, unbelievably relieved that it is finally done and unbearably empty.   Mixed in with that is a sense of pride and happiness but that seems to be overshadowed by a deep sense of "is that it??"

I think back on what a long road it has been its hard to believe that is started because Dave McDonald asked me "if you had no obstacles and no worries, what would you do with the rest of your life?".   It was Fall 1996 and we were at a retreat up at Manning Park and we were tucked into a low ceilinged room in the basement.   He had us all sitting in a circle and after we had gone around and said what we would do with our lives, he looked at us and said "Well....why aren't you doing it?" and then he walked out.   That …