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I got to meet Jenny Lawson and COPERNICUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this took a little longer to write than I thought!

I was sure I would get home from our little trip to Seattle, finish packing my bag for camp and sit down and write you an awesome blog!  HAHHAHAHAHHA

Not even close....

Okay so just in case you live in a cave you need to go read the bloggess....any post will do but I really love this one:

This was the very first post of hers I read and then I had to go back and read all the other ones, she really is that funny!  I highly recommend subscribing to her feed.

Back on track...the reading!

Angel, Kam and I got up early and headed out to Seattle and of course we did a bit of shopping on the way down; I mean really, who can resist?  We found some great deals and excitedly headed to Costco, yup Costco!   We were so excited that we ended up getting there at 2:30 for the 6:30 start, sigh...

We thought we would scope out the signing area and then get a hot-dog and we were greeted with a pallet of books at the end of a row??  We found a supervisor and asked about where the reading would be and promptly found out that they though maybe they would grab her a chair and table but that was it.   MAYBE???   We walked all over the store looking for a place that would have been hiding the real place but to no avail.

We went and got hot-dogs and took our SUPER CHEAP purchases out to the car (seriously folks I got 2 bottles of 195 acid reflux pills for 9 bucks.....I can't even get 30 pills for that here!) and went back to see how the line-up was doing!

To our surprise, there was no one so we left Kam there and headed to the ladies room.   When we got back we stood there for about 35 seconds and people started to show up (what timing....).   The excitement in the line was palpable as we waited and got shuffled around.  It was touch and go for awhile there but I ended up being first in line (even though Angel kept trying to sneak in HAHAHHA)

We finally got to talk to the guy who was in charge of the signing and asked him what was up and why we were not going to get a reading.   Apparently he didn't think the book was family friendly.    I mean just because the chapter is called "Draw Me A Fucking Dog", doesn't mean the book is all bad right?

Then we saw her coming, and she is beautiful!   She had on a gorgeous patterned coral maxi dress and she truly seemed humbled and shocked that we bothered to show up (just another reason to adore her).  We let her get set up and then it was my turn!

She was very nice and I asked her if she would mind if I took a picture and she said "no go ahead of course"
and then she smiled and said "would you like a picture of me and copernicus?"  OH HELL YEAH!!!

and then she said "would you like a picture of me and you?"  OF COURSE!!!

She thanked me for coming such a long weigh and as Angel was coming up we told her how awesome we thought the book was and she said that the second one is already in the works YAY!!!

Guess what she wrote in my book?????   To Tara, You are Number 1!!  J Lawson!!!

Okay no exclamation points but It made me laugh so hard!   Angels is even awesomer!

When Angel was getting her picture taken, Jenny said something to Victor and we were all "ARE YOU VICTOR????" and he said NO!!!!  LMAO.   Angel wanted to take his picture and he preferred to stay behind the camera, so like a true Lawsbian, Angel says "can I take a picture of your shoe then?" and he laughed and said okay!

By this time, Kam was done so we waved our goodbyes and headed out to the car since we had another 3 hours or so till we got home.   but GUESS WHAT???   she did a reading!   I so wish we had stayed!   Maybe if we wish hard enough she will come to Vancouver for the next book.
I borrowed this picture from Jenny's Blog so I am not taking credit for this photo!
All in all, a super amazing day with some amazing friends.   I highly recommend you read this book, it is funny, heart tugging, irreverant and AWESOME!   You can find it here or here or at your fave book store!

So that's that!   Thanks for listening!   I will try and post about camp shortly cuz it was AWESOME!  I think I have a charmed life!



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