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Continued adventures in dating.....

Good Morning readers!

All three of you!

I know you are chomping at the bit to hear all about my wild and crazy adventures in babysitting uh online dating.

Well for the most part it seems to be a wash out.   I will talk with some interesting guys and it seems good and then POOOOFF...they are gone.   I suspect its because i don't jump on the hey come F^&* me train fast enough?   Either that or my busy schedule doesn't work for them.   For the most part thought its just dudes looking for nookie!

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't all been bad, I have talked to some really nice guys but so far it hasn't turned in to much.   But let me tell you about one experience I had last night.

I have seen this guys profile on a couple of different sites - he uses the same three lame pictures which were taken one right after the other and then describes how amazing he is in the context of the stuff he has and what he has accomplished.  He is kind of cute.. i a bit of a weak chinned way.

I had not messaged him but i had thought about it.  On OK Cupid we have an 83% compatibility match based on Ethics, Religion, Dating, Sex, and Other but he had two "strikes" against him.

1. he is super entrenched in a life way out in pitt meadows

2. he seems to be super enthralled with the things he owns etc.

Well last night he messaged me and I thought well why not.   He asked about my day and I told him about my day and I asked him about his and he said he was relaxing in the hot tub naked.   I said I was jealous as i had been in a really hard work out that day and could use a soak.

Okay WAIT......if you are offended easily you should stop reading

are you gone?


His next message to me Message # 3 if you are counting was......

I wish you were here so i could eat you out and taste your cum....

OH...well hahahah I see.

Well your no fun to flirt with BYE

See ya


WAIT...hold up.....just a minute...did he actually just call me a FATTY?

I wasn't going to say anything but then I thought F^&*^ that I am going to respond to this loser piece of crap to which I wrote the following:

I am pretty sure that the last comment was super insincere but I sure hope for his momma's sake it wasn't.

Don't get me wrong...they are not all bad!   For every 10 messages like the above I get one like this:

I was a little concerned when he said I was unique....but turns out he just saw my light!    I don't know about this guy....he is not really my type but maybe if he keeps being sweet i will go on a first date.

I better get back to work...hope you enjoyed this installment of "How to get verbally assaulted daily" uh I mean "Today in Online Dating" heheheh.


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