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2017 Spring FabFitFun reveal.

So excited.....last night I got home from my date (more on that later) and there was a package waiting for me....I almost peed my pants.  

That could have been from the coffee and large water I drank and then held for two hours and then rode the bus home and then walked to my house basically with my legs crossed....but maybe it was because there was a package.  

We may never know.....I digress!

I was only sort of certain what was in the box and was super excited to open the box and see....


what is FabFitFun you ask?   why let me tell you dear is a VIP lifestyle subscription box that comes out quarterly.   It features a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products that help you feel good from the inside out!  The box always includes full size products and premium trial items.   Each box is worth a minimum of $100.

You can order your FabFitFun box here and if you use my link we both get a deal

Price - $49.99 USD per Quarter.  It is cheaper if you buy an annual membership but you can do it seasonally like I do and back out if you don't want to spend it that quarter.

Shipping - Free shipping to the US and $8 shipping to Canada.

Deal - You can also use coupon code FAB10 to save $10 on your first box!  and just so you know....the box i just still available!!  so lets take a peek inside.

This is the super adorable spring box and this time I ordered two add on's.   I really wanted the yoga mat towel and I wanted to try these fun Keratin moisturizing socks and mitts.  Both were on sale so YAY!

The Yoga towel is teal and orange is a quick dry microfiber that i thought may be a great asset on my trip this summer.   Because it is meant to cover your yoga mat, it is long enough to wrap way around me.

the towel just speaks to me...More Happy....Less Worry!

Next was the Bodipure Keratin gloves and socks.  I can't wait for my next free day so I can give my self the most amazing mani and pedi!

OOOOoooh.....NOW we are down to the fun part....I only know two of the things that are going to be in here....a gypsy roundie which i have been DYING to get and a pretty pair of earrings from Luv AJ but i have no idea which pair of earrings!

Don't you just love the box?   the last one we could colour!  Every box comes with a little magazine that tells us all about each product, tips on how to use them, some beauty or health articles and where to go if we want more products.      

This box is special because everyone of the products is Paraben, Silicone and Pthalate free!!

With each box we also get special offers, sometimes the cards come in the box and sometimes like this month they came in an email.  This month I got:
  •  $20 off a PR-A-PO order they have amazing bags, clothes, shoes and jewelry
  • $15 off a subscription to Let's Nom
  • 20% off site-wide at NudeStix which are these amazing makeup crayons for a fresh nude look.
  • 50% off Emerald Duv (they had amazing jewelry but i choose the earrings because sometimes bracelets won't fit my wrist and that is what i would have got from them in the box)
  • $30 off a $100 order at Luv AJ
  • 25% off the whole site at
  • $30 off at Sterling Forever (super nice jewelry)
  • $50 off sweet and spark vintage jewelry
  • $20 of DSTLD on your first pair of jeans
  • 20% off site wide at Juice Beauty
  • 25% off at Aella's (comfortable machine washable essential pieces)
  • $30 off a $100 order at
  • 30% off O.R.G. Skincare and free shipping
  • 20% off Marie Mae Stationary
and last but not least
  •  25% off a $100 order at ModCloth.
You will also see that FABFITFUN TV card....its amazing, i have access to hundreds of free high quality exercise videos and series.   Each season they will add new workouts.  There is yoga, toning, boot-camp, barre, pilates and cardio.  They have beginner to advanced.  Short workout to long workout!  If you have internet you have a fitness class!!!!

Hello Hotel Barre Class!!

There are always contests each quarter...if you share a photo you can win this or that.   This time its a trip to Mexico  or the Caribbean i think and there is a second prize for a special box with over $1000 worth of product!!!!

Look at all this fabulousness!!!   EEEEEEH i am so excited!!!!

Look at my gorgeous roundie!!!!!   its a really nice cottony linen feel.  Not super bulky but not so think i am going to get sand in my sandwich!

I got the Slay All Day wet bag - this is totally waterproof so you can throw your wet bathing-suit in it or your liquids and it won't soak your bag if they spill.

I was hoping for the blue one that said Beach Please, or the green one that said Resting Beach Face,  but i like this one too!

I got this amazing lip set in a pretty pink.  Its a lip liner, lipstick and super lip plumper lip-gloss.  Who doesn't want a lipstick that says I am Gorgeous (cuz i totally am!!!!)

Next is the Karuna Hydrating+ face mask.  the box holds 4 full face sheet masks.  They are infused with all natural cedar fibers (no synthetic fibers) and moisturizer and is said to perk up and brighten dry, dull and dehydrated skin!

I am madly in love with these Diamond Kite Crawler and Stud Earrings from Luv AJ, they are brass plated with rose gold and I can't wait to see how they look on!

Next are full size versions of two awesome products I can't wait to try out!

  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying exfoliator - you use it once or twice a week to exfoliate and polish skin.  It does contain lactic acid, so it is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and make your skin feel super smooth!  
  • Briogeo Roscaro Milk Reparative Leave in Conditioning Spray.  I am super excited about this because it is said to be super lightweight but amazing conditioning without the silicone, paraben and pthalates!!  maybe it will help rescue my pool hair!

and last but certainly not least is the super sought after Debra Lippmann nail polish.  Some people got a pretty pale pink and the white but i got this lovely blue orchid/like a virgin set.  They give a pretty translucent look and I can't wait to try them out!

So there you go!   my super amazing FabFitFun box with $400 USD worth of amazing products (and hundreds of dollars in extra's if you want to keep shopping) and I paid with shipping, subscription, add on's and exchange a whopping $112 CND   

If I had not bought the add on's it would have been $80 CND

Just in case you don't want to scroll back up 

You can order your FabFitFun box here and if you use my link we both get a deal

Price - $49.99 USD per Quarter.  It is cheaper if you buy an annual membership but you can do it seasonally like I do and back out if you don't want to spend it that quarter.

Shipping - Free shipping to the US and $8 shipping to Canada.

Deal - You can also use coupon code FAB10 to save $10 on your first box!



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