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I said yes.....

well hello.....excuse me if the spelling is bad, but im updating from my phone in the hotel!

Today we slept in and went down for a lovely breakfast and then got ready to go and headed from our hotl down to the waterfront. we walked to the olympic park and then back up to the pier....then we stopped for a lovely peppermint twist mocha at starbucks!

we continued on down the waterfront and decided to go to the aquarium.....we got a pic of nemo and dorie! then we went for a beer and grabbed a bus back to our hotel.

We got ready for our dinner and got a cab to take us to Cafe Campagne. we had an amazing three course dinner with lovely wine pairings and a lovely chocolate Digestif. Chris wanted to go for another we headed down to the park, once there he looked me ddep in the eyes and told me how much he loved me....then he dropped to one knee and produced the lovely mahogany ring box....he asked me if i would make him the happiest man on earth and be his wife.

you know me....…

My mom wants a new blog

She says she is tired of reading my Woah nelly blog!

so here it is. Life is hectic....i think that might be an understatement.

My midterm did not go so well...i got a C....feeling a little worried about next semester, but i will do what i can, i think i may take my last crim elective and leave stats for one more semester. i am sure that it will still be there in the summer.

Brownies is going well, i cant believe we only have like 5 weeks left till christmas break.

speaking of christmas...I know what is number one on my christmas list this year!!!

I WANT A CRICUT....i want the cricut expression...but will settle for the critcut personal. there is about a 300 dollar difference between the two! IT LOOKS SO FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe i should look on craigslist or ebay and see if they have a used not against used ones as long as they work.

Chris and i are getting ready for an amazing week long trip to seattle. We are super excited, and i will finally get to go spend the w…