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A little update and a new shop!

Well lots of changes in the Wasney household lately.  Both Chris and I are at new jobs and very very happy  to be enjoying work.   I am sure Chris will tell you all about his job, so I will leave that to him.   I am now at the Office of the Chief Judge, and really liking it.   I am hoping they trust me with more work soon as I could use it.

Girl guides is starting up into full swing now, it will be very wierd not to be going back to a unit, but I think I am going to enjoy the new job.

No baby news yet, but we are still practicing! :)

I had another shop today with Denise to get rid of some coupons that were going to expire.  I thought I would tell you about it.   I have been saving the money that people have given me for items they have purchased from our pantry/storage and today I went and did a shop and spent that money.   I wanted to know how much I could get for my 27 dollars.   Well I went to LD again and I had $219.75 in coupon savings!!! WOW!  I picked up a few groceries at no f…