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17 Million Dollars Last year.....

That's how much money Canadians lost due to romance scams!

Astounding isn't it!
Hello my lovelies,
Spring is finally upon us and it seems (this week at least) that it is trying to jump headlong into summer!   I hear the rains are a’comin mid next week so maybe we won’t get stuck with water restrictions and dead grass everywhere for another few weeks
Things are pretty quiet on the dating front as the Foreman and I have been spending a lot of time together.  It’s hard to balance the casual nature of it with the feelings that come when you spend a lot of time with someone awesome! 

Since I wrote last, I had spoken with Mr. Adams, Mr. Poly, and a handful of others but not had any other dates.  
Dutch keeps messaging me but I have taken to just ignoring him now.   I also told Rico that I am not interested in seeing him again.   I wasn’t feeling it and when I told him I was seeing someone and wanted to see where that went he immediately asked if we could just Bang one time….so….


I feel a spiral coming on......

Today I woke up to the start of an unexpected sneaky hate spiral; there are many reasons why it could have started!  I didn’t get enough sleep, I woke up with a sore back, recently someone unintentionally hurt my feelings and what was said is weighing on me, or really any other minor (or seemingly not so minor) irritants could be the cause.

See that is the thing about sneaky hate spirals…they don’t need a lot to get them going and hardly need steam to ramp up.  I realized I was in a nearly full blown spiral when I saw myself in the window on the way to work and that nasty voice in my head said…”see that’s why you don’t have a partner” and “you look hideous, how can you be seen in public”.  I haven’t heard her voice in a while so it didn’t make me feel so hot!  So I did what any self-respecting spiraller would do…I ate chocolate for breakfast which only made me feel worse about myself.
Why am I telling you all about my bad attitude and behaviour? BECAUSE!! Being accountable to others makes…

Tales from the Trenches...

It’s the post you have all been waiting for…..
The dating stories!!!
Okay to be honest I only have 3 so it’s not a super long one!
Story #1:
Online dating story, you say? My favourite (other than meeting Mr. French) is the guy I met for coffee downtown. We wandered the West End. He ducked into a McD's to use the toilet. When he came out he said "oh well...uh...yeah listen... if you want to hold hands just know, uh... there was no working sink in the bathroom, so you're going to want to hold THIS hand..." (I didn't want to hold hands.) – Mrs. French
I don’t think we blame you Mrs. French!! I can safely say I wouldn’t have wanted to hold hands either.   At least he told you though ICK!!!!!!
Story #2:
Love the blog.....Here's one.....So I was talking with this guy for a while, let’s call him The Butcher.  We talked all the time, really interested in each other and was getting very personal over text and phone.  The day we meet, he wanted to start with a coffee, then a mo…

This week in online dating - you are Amazed by Me....

Or..alternatively - How does this chick get all these guys??

I think sometimes people are a bit amazed when they see me and see that I don’t really have a problem getting dates.  Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a post about me bashing myself so get off your soap boxes; but I think we have this media culture that tells us


 I am going to have to call bullshit!
I will admit, if I a guy is super-hot, I generally don’t email or wink at him first.   I automatically assume that they will not be interested in me.   It always boggles my mind when a total hottie messages me and tells me how beautiful I am.   I regret to say I often ask them if they have seen all my pictures and know that I am a bigger more fluffy girl.   99.8% of the time the reply I get back is:
OH YES….I love a girl with gorgeous curves like yours.
I have to be honest; I get about 3 times as many messages as I te…