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17 Million Dollars Last year.....

That's how much money Canadians lost due to romance scams!

Astounding isn't it!

Hello my lovelies,

Spring is finally upon us and it seems (this week at least) that it is trying to jump headlong into summer!   I hear the rains are a’comin mid next week so maybe we won’t get stuck with water restrictions and dead grass everywhere for another few weeks

Things are pretty quiet on the dating front as the Foreman and I have been spending a lot of time together.  It’s hard to balance the casual nature of it with the feelings that come when you spend a lot of time with someone awesome! 

Since I wrote last, I had spoken with Mr. Adams, Mr. Poly, and a handful of others but not had any other dates.  

Dutch keeps messaging me but I have taken to just ignoring him now.   I also told Rico that I am not interested in seeing him again.   I wasn’t feeling it and when I told him I was seeing someone and wanted to see where that went he immediately asked if we could just Bang one time….so….

Wait….can it be….did she get boring already?????????????

 Dig way back and think about Mr. Seattle….do you remember him?

He told me telling me Good Morning isn’t just good morning it means I was the last and first thing he thought about.   Sent me sweet messages throughout the day…almost seemed to good to be true?

 It started innocently enough we talked about the mundane of life and our families and friends.   His dad had passed away not that long ago and he was actually leaving town in a few weeks to deal with the estate and court.   His father had been a big shot or something on a rail line in Malaysia.   He would be gone two weeks but he really wanted to come up and see me when he got home.

They day came for him to go and he sent me a message before he left and another when he hit the ground.   He touched base with me throughout the day, telling me how awesome it was there.    We frequently missed each other because of the time difference but he texted every day regardless.   He was pretty stressed about court and one day he sends me a picture of a bank letter outlining they account and that it is now in his name.

I thought it was kind of weird but I just assumed he was really happy it had finally been dealt with and hadn’t thought about the fact he just sent me some pretty personal info including his address.   2 days later he sent me a screen shot of the final court ruling as well and the letter saying he just needed to pay the court fees and then it would be done.

HOLY F^%&$.....


He is going to ask me for money!   

I did some quick research and It appears that the name and job do belong to someone in Seattle but they are older.   The address belongs to two women….I mean it could be he is legit right??  Maybe he won’t ask for money right?

Here…I will let you read it yourself


He was not pleased because I told him I asked my mom and dad to help me (I didn't LOL)


I have to say…I want to believe in people so I tested him and asked him to send me a selfie….I have after all only seen 4 pictures of him.   I mean I watch catfish I know this is an issue!


 So there you go dear readers….I was a target for a romance scam….someone update my crap stats page LOL.

I feel really bad for the women and men who get sucked in by things like this.   I mean don’t get me wrong I felt that dissonance and that desire for this not to be a scam.   He was such a nice guy.    Those exist still right?

It’s that fine line between erecting the wall and being vulnerable. 
  I often wonder how many times it will take before my faith in humanity is totally shattered?

I think sometimes people think I am too trusting and too understanding but you know…I am not sure I want a life lived the opposite way.  

I hope you have a fantastic day, it is beautiful out here on the west coast and I hope you get a chance to enjoy the sun this weekend!



Unknown said…
Which sister were you going to hit up for 1500$ again????!

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