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Being Unemployed

As many of you may know I lost my job in September.    I was very optimistic that I would have no issues finding a job, I mean I live in  BC!  Christy Clark told me I am at the head of the BC Job Creation Machine. I joke but its partly true, here I am, I live in a province touting job creation and prosperity and I am VERY good at what I do!  

I was let go without cause and told my position was no longer needed.   The very next day my employer, the BC government (the one who told me they were creating jobs) announced a hiring freeze!   No worries right? as I already said, I am really good at what I do!  I mean look at this summary of my skills:

• Excellent Working knowledge of many standard computer programs 
• Working knowledge of JUSTIN, ROTA, and Maximizer
• Lifetime learner – taken several career advancement courses
• Bachelors Degree – Major in Psychology and Extended Minor in Criminology 
• Excellent customer service, interpersonal, research and organizational skills
• Valid BC Driver…