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REVIEW - Sophisticrate

As you may or may not know, I am a fairly new Planner babe!   What's a planner babe....why a fabulous babe who uses an old school pen and paper planner.   I find it helps with my memory and gives me an opportunity to be creative with my daily life.  Here is a pic of one of the beginner spreads in my planner...

That's not what you are really here for though is it.   On to the Review!!

Hey Planner Babes....have you heard about SophistiCrate yet?  I know I hadn't until 2 weeks ago!  I saw a post on instagram and watched an unboxing.   I love this box because I don't need to get a box if its not going to work for me.

This is a great curated box but it is not a subscription.  You can purchase the boxes you want as long as there is still stock.  The last two boxes have come in at $39.99 for a minimum of $75 product.  They keep limited quantities on hand and this month was a box jammed full of hard to purchase MAMBI planner supplies.

With exchange, my box cost me $50.   If I …