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Lunch Time Review - Arturo's Mexican to Go

Today I lost my lunch buddies and was on my own.    I could sit in the cold office reading my book or go for a walk and see what happens!

I mentioned to our HR person that I didn't know what I wanted to eat and that I may just wander until something appeared and inspired me, she told me I MUST go try the "Taco Truck". 

She told me which direction to start walking in and I vaguely remembered passing by Howe and Cordova late one afternoon and seeing a "Taco Truck" packing up.  

When I arrived at Howe and Cordova I was met with this lovely sight:

I ordered the Calle Trio which is 3 corn tortilla's with your choice of meat and salsa.    It comes with black beans, rice and salad for $9.50 ; I also ordered a bottle of water for $1.   The staff are quick, efficient and clean, and I was impressed by how quickly my "non-fast food" was done.

A plus for this food truck - they take debit and credit cards, but I had cash and left a nice tip.    I ordered 1 C…

West Memphis Three Walk FREE!!!!!

As many of my long time blog readers will know and anyone who has been unfortunate enough to ask, I am very passionate about the West Memphis Three Case.   For those of you how don't know, these three young boys were convicted of murdering three 8 year old boys in Arkansas.   The main piece of evidence was a confession taken from a young boy unrepresented after 12 hours of interrogation in which he supplied information that was not even close to what happened.   There is a gap in the taping and after that you hear Jessie being lead through the testimony and police correcting him until they get the "right" info.
I learned about this case in an intro to policing class when we talked about false confessions (or maybe it was criminal law I forget) but I was so intrigued by the facts presented in class I had to go and read more.   I spent HOURS and HOURS over many days pouring over the public records and reading the "evidence" against the boys.   I was shocked and di…

I have been convicted.....

boy that sounds bad huh...well in a way it is!   

I remember in highschool we regularily threw around phrases like "your such a ____" and you can fill in the blank with the 3 letter F word....or the 6 letter R word!!    It was something we just never thought about, I mean everyone said it right??   As I grew up it became less of a "your such a ____" and more of a "that's so _____" and in popped that 3 letter G word.

I have ALWAYS hated racial slurs and have fought a losing battle with elder members of my family to stop using them.    They think its a joke and like to whip them around when they can to get a rise out of me!

A long time ago I dropped the F and G words from my vocabulary because it was no different than any of the racial slurs and because I have many LGBT people who have crossed my path who I love and adore! One day it just clicked for me that what I was saying was TERRIBLE and hurtful and no worse than what my Grandmother said at the di…