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Bzzagent - Extend-a-Clean Scrubbing Bubbles

Okay Ladies,

I got another Bzzagent job....I needed to review the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power sprayer.    I was thinking it was a pretty silly idea, but having used the shower cleaner and it making a difference I thought I would give it a try!

WOW - my husband actually did the spraying and then I totally forgot about it.   He told me he liked that it had a continuous spray!  

A little bit of back story, we live in a dingy little basement suite, but its our happy little dingy basement suite.   The bathroom taps get a little gross and leak so they get that gross black and rusty stuff around the edges and you have to clean the counters every other day if you don't want to see it.

I went away to camp and when I got home I was in the bathroom and asked my husband if he had cleaned up while I was away.   I was amazed when he said no!

There was no groadies around the tap and the counters had no soap scum or toothpaste grossness I would have expected at not being cleaned in al…

I have been thinking...

Its been just over two months since my Aunty Sharon passed away and today she and her family has been on my mind all day.   I was looking at picture of the kids trick r' treating and it amazed me how fast time is flowing the older I get.

It doesn't feel like that long ago when all of us would go out, I can still remember the layout of the house and the feel of Sharon or my mom yanking on our hair as we pick some "pretties" out of the olive green tupperware that was always kept in the cupboard just over from the fridge.   I remember camping trips, card games in the rain, playing outside till it was dark, eating fruit from the tree till we felt sick and so much more.   I remember trying to sleep on the waterbed and getting busted for chewing gum while "sleeping" by my parents.   I remember everyone gathering at Sharon and Dwights house in a huge storm and squeezing the puppy in the car while they ran back to get Tanya.  

The visits became much less frequent …

Super new shop! LOVE the Lougheed London Drugs!!

I have lots to update, but I will do that in another blog!   This blog is to highlight my newest shop!

First off I have to give a shout out to Leigh-Ann and Justin at the London Drugs at Lougheed mall!   I have never had such a fun experience doing a shop!  They were very welcoming and were happy to see the couponers in the store!   They wanted to know if they had run out of anything or if they needed to order something else we wanted.   They even went so far as to find other coupons and bring them to us at the cashier to see if we had them.   Even though the store closed they were happy to have us there and weren't rude in the slightest even though we apologized a ton!   They would like us to call ahead and order items if we are going to take large quantities, especially when we have the really good deals on diapers since they cant stock tons of different sizes and types.  So all I can say is GO TO THE LOUGHEED LD!  They love coupons and want us to come shop there!   No rude cash…

A little update and a new shop!

Well lots of changes in the Wasney household lately.  Both Chris and I are at new jobs and very very happy  to be enjoying work.   I am sure Chris will tell you all about his job, so I will leave that to him.   I am now at the Office of the Chief Judge, and really liking it.   I am hoping they trust me with more work soon as I could use it.

Girl guides is starting up into full swing now, it will be very wierd not to be going back to a unit, but I think I am going to enjoy the new job.

No baby news yet, but we are still practicing! :)

I had another shop today with Denise to get rid of some coupons that were going to expire.  I thought I would tell you about it.   I have been saving the money that people have given me for items they have purchased from our pantry/storage and today I went and did a shop and spent that money.   I wanted to know how much I could get for my 27 dollars.   Well I went to LD again and I had $219.75 in coupon savings!!! WOW!  I picked up a few groceries at no f…

WOW...another extreme shop!

I forgot to post my first extreme shop here on my here is a link to the post but to sum it all up
I spent $102.00 and had a coupon savings of $204.93 (without counting pricematch and sale prices)!

not to bad huh!

Well I have done it again!   Denise and I decided to hit the store last night and I picked up some great stuff my final bill was $61.72 and my coupon savings was $122.47 and again this does not include sale prices, although I have to say that I did not have to pricematch yesterday.  Everything I was going to pricematch ended up being the price at the store!    I think Denise had to pricematch 3 items. Here is a picture of my haul!

for those of you who can't see the haul includes the following:

2 deep woods off, 1 active sport off, 1 coppertone sport sunscreen, 6 bars of jergens soap, Nexxus shampoo and conditioner, Automatic shower cleaner with two 1 l refills, 4 double packs of glade scented oil refills, 2 scented oil plugins with double refill…


Thats how I feel...actually it was worse words....but my little brother might read it and get mad and charge me two dollars for swearing!

We have had cancer scares in our family, we have lost friends, family and acquaintances and I am so so so tired of it.   The word still strikes fear in my body and makes my blood run cold!   I would do just about anything to help find a cure.

When I was little when we would see a falling star we would wish that "aunty polly would get better" and quite sometime ago that wish changed to "Aunty Sharon would kick cancers ass!".      How silly is that wishing on stars and raging at cancer!

As most of you know, my sister is the perfect kid...and so she has one upped my rage with action!   GO TANYA!!!   She is going to shave her head for cancer!    Her goal is to raise 10,000 by the end of the month and then we will have a party where she will allow you all to watch her shave her head!

 Her husband has not always been totally on board w…

My First BZZ Review - Danone Danactive Strawberry

So apparently for the BZZ Agents, I review the product elsewhere and then let them know!

So here goes, I am reviewing the Danone Danactive probiotic drink in Strawberry.   I was a little nervous when I was chosen for this campaign as I have a bit of a texture thing and am not a huge fan of creamy drinks at all.

A few days ago, i received my voucher for a free 8 pack of Danone Danactive and I headed out to the store to pick up my free case.   The packaging is nice and bright and sunny and caught my eye in the cooler.   I went to Pricesmart and I only had the choice of strawberry, however there are other flavours in other size packages.

I was very reluctant as I opened up my tiny little bottle, but I pulled back the tin topper and gave the top a lick! YUM, the strawberry flavour and smell was quite pleasant.  I popped back the rest of the drink in three easy swallows.   The small size makes it perfect if you are feeling wierd about drinking your yogurt instead of eating it.

The taste wa…

Stealing a page from tanya...who stole it from Carole

Today is May 25, 2010…

Outside my window: I see the gray clouds rolling in and the most beautiful array of coloured leaves.

I am hearing: The laboured sound of my own breathing, the clacking of the keys, the credits rolling on a movie and the air purifier.   I can also faintly here chris and his interview and the birds chirping

I am thinking: that I may need a nap before i head to the grocery store.

I am hoping: That even though I have been sick and having to take meds, and having a fever etc that little egg implanted well and we will have good news for people soon.

I am wondering: If Chris knows how proud of him I really am.

I am reading: the vampire diaries...but only when im not reading my text book

I am improving:  my health i think....well I have been trying, walking more and eating better and taking vitamins!

I am wearing: the most ridiculous outfit ever....please picture if you can, a red and white and green christmas fleece pant that says HO HO HO all over it, a pink  and white tank t…

Birthday List

Hello everyone,

You have been asking so here is a birthday list:

hand held GPS (for geocaching)ITUNES moneyQuad Latern by ColemanColeman stove with grill and burnerheadlamp but the lamp needs to be small, LED and flat (mec sells them)thermarest brand self inflating sleeping matArmy and Navy or MEC Gift card for a back packwireless indoor/outdoor speakers for computer/ipodskin/case for laptop (15.6)gift card for penningtons, additionelle or any other such plus size clothing storenew brascreen covers for my ipod  So hopefully that helps you all!

OMG....I used my first Coupon!

Okay I know I haven't done the class yet, but today I got a coupon for BOGO popcorn....So I went to the store and there was a sale on pudding cups too.

So I got 12 pudding cups and 2 boxes of microwave popcorn.   If I had bought it all seperatley it would have cost me just over 12 dollars and it cost me $5.68!   YAY!!

I am sure that sounds stupid to you, but I was pretty proud of myself.   I can't wait for the other coupons and things I have ordered to come so I can have even more savings.    I think I am going to really like this class.


A Revolution

Quite some time ago Chris and I attended the Financial Peace University with The Baron and The Baroness.   We have been slowly working on "living like no one else" so that one day we can live like no one else!

We were headed in a pretty good direction and Chris was almost debt free before he lost his job.   We were able to move and reduce our rent, and have tried really hard to stick to our budget.   We both have our 1000 we can access in an emergency, and our slowly slowly chipping away at the debt snowball.

Things have been tight, but not so tight that we can't even leave the house, but tight enough that we are not really getting ahead or making any progress on my large bills (student loans).   We do alot of bargain shopping and second hand shopping when we need stuff, but we dont really care about that!

The other day I noticed quite a few people I know talking about this Coupon Class....I was intrigued, what is this.  Then I saw the results of their shopping trips!   …

Good News!!!!

As many of you know, I have been watching the news, praying for and supporting the West Memphis Three for many years. I think I first heard about their case in my first year of criminology back at Douglas College when we were learning about coereced confessions.

I a bit of good news!

The state's highest court has scheduled oral arguments in Damien Echols' appeal for Sept. 30, 2010.

This comes a day after Gov. Mike Beebe appointed special justice Jeff Priebe to consider the appeal of the Damien Echols, who along with Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, were convicted of killing three boys in 1993 in West Memphis.

According to legal papers the Arkansas Supreme Court will consider, DNA testing and other powerful forensic evidence - combined with compelling evidence that the original jury foreman engaged in blatant misconduct that contributed to the jury's decision, proves that Echols was wrongfully convicted of murder.

National legal organizations, including the …

Day three in sunny Mexico!

So here I sit on day three of our awesome Mexican vacation and we are having a wonderful time! I sit writing my blog this morning In a gorgeous courtyard surrounded by greenery, amazing flowers an the sounds of exotic birds. I can hear people talking and laughing and I am enjoying a sublime version of a mocha with baileys. I can literally smell the sunshine as the morning clouds are burning off and the cool breeze soothes my burnt shoulders!

Today will be an easy day spent at the resort chilling out and hopefully getting into the water if the sun isn't too bright or we can find a nice shady corner to hang out in!

So far we have gone swimming, drank a keg of beer, chilled out, done a bit of shopping, and gone snorkelling! We took an amazing bus ride (only 1 guy actually threw up) to our waiting boat where we cruised on to puerta vallarta to pick up a few more people and then cruised on further to Las Caletis. This is a private beach owned by the tour company and it was pictur…

Two more sleeps

So here it goes.... Just two more sleeps till we head out to Mexico and we are super excited!

We are staying at the palladium near bucerias! I am totally looking forward to the snorkeling trip to Los calietas and being able to just chill out by the pool with an icy cold drink in my hand! It's really exciting for me to watch Chris getting ready to go. He Jas never been further than southern Oregon and this was the first rime he has had a passport!

Chris is most excited about getting away from the rain and not having anything to think about! I hope he catches the travel bug! I would love to go on tons of adventures together.

I will post more once we get there!

Its all over....

Wow...its hard to believe but its finally over. I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand I am very sad, I met the most amazing people and had a tremendous amount of fun. On the other hand I am dying to actually cook in my own kitchen, and I could really use some sleep. My house and my husband are both feeling pretty neglected!

I have a ton of memories from the 17 days of the olympics here in vancouver and here are a few of my faves: (sorry they probably mean more to me than to you, but its my blog :P)

watching my hard work come to fruitionwatching the opening ceremonies while sitting with the spanish flag bearertrying to outsmart the stage nazi's with Delaine and Kat (you know who I mean LOL)"stalking" celebs at Vom 2watching the performers and the show evolve practice after practicebeing asked if I was a "take charge" kind of person (ie so your bossy huh?)standing in line with chris and knowing we had no set plan for the day but FUN!having a beer at…

Can you believe it??? only 5 days left

WOW...can't believe there are only 5 days left to go! I had to take a few days out as I came down with a sucky cold, but we are rolling along with rehersals!

I had a nice long one the other day...8 am to 11:30 pm! Glad I got to sleep in the next day. Chris and I took a day to go around to a bunch of the pavillions and we had so much fun! We also went to a victory ceremony and got to see Maelle Ricker get her gold medal! very cool! This was followed by a Paul Brandt concert which i loved and Chris was very good about (even though he doesn't really like country music!).

Working on the closing has been a very different experience than the opening was. It feels more fractured but means that it will be a suprise for me too!! I got the subscription for the opening and closing on my ipod, its pretty cool. It was 2.50 I think and I get a copy of both ceremonies without all the other stuff i have on my PVR!!

I have updated my photo's so you can check out the link again…

My Journey as an olympic volunteer so far....

Hey Guys,

I have to say I am still on super high from last night, here are some pictures from the last few days. I will keep updating as the weeks go along so keep checking back. when you click the link if it doesn't go right to the photos just hit "guest" and log in!

Yesterday morning I got up early and ran down to Main and Hastings and joined up with my co workers to watch the torch go by and I was so so so glad that I did. It was the coolest thing and really got my olympic fire going! Then it was off to the stadium for a long long day at work!

I hope you all got to see the show last night, I really really enjoyed it, and I hope you did too.

I started volunteering back in November, and I really want to thank my awesome husband for putting up with my NEVER being home! With work, brownies, choir, school and the olympics I have basicly been home to sleep and shower and that's it! He was very patient even though anytime anyone asked what i was doing I replied &quo…

Olympics 2010

I have to say at first i was excited...but not EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about the olympics!

I have been working on the team doing the opening and closing and no dont ask me what I am doing I will just tell you "I was making sandwiches!!!'

Tonight we had a big rehersal and we invited people we love to come see it! It was amazing as usual! Tonight I got to stand in as a flag bearer for one of the countries and I have to say I was super nervous and really really excited! Walking around that stage was one of the coolest things I have done so far and only ramped up my excitement!

Does Vanoc leave the best legacy, was the money spent the best way it could be??? You know what I dont know! But what I do know is that I have more respect for people like Covenant House who worked with Vanoc and got their slice of the pie and got 34 new beds for homeless youth than those who stand at the skytrain and yell at the "corporate sell outs" who volunteer their time for the o…

Week 3

Its going good so far...did you know you can eat a vietnamese salad roll for only 2 points! YUM YUM 1 tablespoon of peanut sauce is 1 point.

So far I am down 10 pounds, i cheated today and weighed even though weigh in is not till friday! LOL.

Super busy right now, but just wanted to update! Chris's party is this friday, and we are looking forward to hanging out at the alibi room and then going dancing!

Hope all is well with you....make sure you click on the banner on the left and sign the NO MEAL TAX petition!

Being Healthy - week 1 of the rest of my life.

So on the first day of the year as I was dealing with my first hang over in a LONG LONG time (I broke my own cardinal rule, no mixing types of alcohol), I was thinking about being healthy. I looked at myself and realized that Chris and I have been enjoying the good life, with good food and good wine etc etc! We have both packed on weight to already curvy frames and are feeling the "weight" of the issue.

I decided to go back to the weight watchers principle, its easy to follow, it makes sense and it works. Whats the first step, write down what your eating to see where you are at. I calculated out my daily points and set out to eat like i normally do and then write it all down to see if i am off base.

Well day one being hung over i was well under my limit two not so successful, I didnt eat excessively just the normal puttering around the house weekend stuff, lots of nibbling! Turns out I ate all my daily points and all my weekly points and then a few more!…