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Being Healthy - week 1 of the rest of my life.

So on the first day of the year as I was dealing with my first hang over in a LONG LONG time (I broke my own cardinal rule, no mixing types of alcohol), I was thinking about being healthy. I looked at myself and realized that Chris and I have been enjoying the good life, with good food and good wine etc etc! We have both packed on weight to already curvy frames and are feeling the "weight" of the issue.

I decided to go back to the weight watchers principle, its easy to follow, it makes sense and it works. Whats the first step, write down what your eating to see where you are at. I calculated out my daily points and set out to eat like i normally do and then write it all down to see if i am off base.

Well day one being hung over i was well under my limit two not so successful, I didnt eat excessively just the normal puttering around the house weekend stuff, lots of nibbling! Turns out I ate all my daily points and all my weekly points and then a few more! HOLY CRAP!!!!

I got on the internet and immediately started looking for some yummy healthy alternatives and ways to make good lunches with out eating the same thing for 8 days in a row or eating SUPER sodium laden frozen meals every day. I remembered seeing the Ziploc Zip and Steam bags on the biggest loser and though I would check it out.

We went and picked up some of the large ziploc bags (7 for 4 and change at walmart) and even better the medium size glad bags (which are 387 for 10 at walmart or 187 for 10 at Superstore). I was concerned because the medium says its for 3 to 4 servings, but its perfect for personal full meals.

the first ones i made were Salmon and veggies, Chicken and potatoes and veggies, and steak fajitas. I took one of each to work with a few corn tortillas and 2 cups of already cooked brown rice. I also made a egg white omelet with ham, peppers, onions, cheese and salsa to cook in the micro (you can use the bag or you can use a small microwave safe container. For snacks i took apples, cucumbers, carrots, dry curd cheese, salad and low fat greek dressing.

The omelets are amazing and i split it between 2 corn tortillas for a 5 point breakfast!

The salmon was really good, when i added the rice cup it was a 7 point lunch!

The fajitas was an 8 point lunch with 2 corn tortillas and an amazing 3 point snack was Dry curd cottage cheese, with cut up cucumber and carrots, salt, pepper and 2 tbls of greek dressing!! IT WAS a little low fat greek salad.

Even though the first day was rough, this first week has seen a 5.5 pound loss! yay us!

I have to say though i was very very discouraged by the article linked above(click on the title of my blog). I sat to eat my snack and was greeted by a vogue magazine with the title "When Size 4 Is Too Big: A Curvy Model's Struggle To Fit in". I nearly spit out my salad....if a size 4 is too big, I am in big trouble! I dont think i have been a size 4 since maybe grade school....who knows...i think in grade 8 i had a size 4 dress at the spring dance.

What does this tell our kids, even ourselves. I mean really, if I had not had a ton of counselling I think this article would have sent me straight for the cookies! What are we telling our young teens if a healthy size for a 5 foot 10 inch woman is a size four!!!

whatever, I am going to be healthy and love myself I am losing....and when i meet my goal weight!

One of the ladies at work and I are going to go to the gym a couple of times a week at lunch and we are looking into starting a new TOPS chapter at our workplace. Its got a weigh in and classes and support just like weight watchers, but you dont have to do weight watchers! you can just be eating correctly and wanting to learn how to be healthy. Another bonus is its yearly fee is the price of 1 month at weight watchers!! Also to start a new chapter you only need 4 people. We needed 15 for weight watchers and we had to pay more than if we went to meetings outside our work!

anyway, i have been babbling on enough! thanks for reading to the end and if people want i can post the Ziploc Zip and Steam and Glad Simply Cooking that we find we like!




Tanya said…
keep blogging
this cooment brought to you by the word "messifi"
no joke
Tara Lynn said…
you are very very wierd!

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