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So after crying at the movie theater like a retard during the movie trailer for My Sisters Keeper....i decide why not read the book!

So once again i look like a retarded mush face as i cried on the least the end of the book came while i was at home...cuz let me tell you i was full on crying out loud by the end of the book!

I am kind of glad i know what happens....might make me less of a retard when i go see the movie. Oh going to watch the movie too!

Hope all is well with everyone....58 days till the wedding AAAAHHHH!!!!

Happy Mothers day!!

Just wanted to say a VERY VERY VERY Happy Mothers day not only to my amazing mother and my new soon to be mother in law; but also all my mommy friends.

The work you do is tireless, thankless, selfless, exhausting and i hope some days incredibly rewarding. GO MOMS!!!!

Here is a new mom song you really must check out! Very funny. The only phrase i did not hear in the song that i remember hearing lots...was DONT MAKE ME PULL THIS CAR OVER.


Crying like an idiot.....

Okay so there i was, surrounded by people crying like a retard...

thankfully it was not an insurance commercial or anything like that, but a movie trailer....yes a movie trailer!

Not just lump in your throat, tears threatening, but yup big tears roll down your face kind of crying. Luckily it was dark and only Chris noticed.

Well probably until he said incredulously (sp?) "are you crying?".

Okay so there it is, im a giant mush ball...wanna make something of it?

here is the trailer...tell me it doesnt make you cry...