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World Suicide Prevention Day

A heavy topic for a Monday, and  Monday filled with joy in my world!

I am excited about vacationI have an amazing husband and I adore himI just spent an awesome evening my with familyI got little boy cuddles from both of my adorable nephewsToday is my Dad's BirthdayToday is Angels first day in a new jobToday is Karyn and Tamara's wedding dayWe are all healthy and happy I have a good paying job and a beautiful apartmentI am blessed and loved by God.
But this was not always the case in my life and I know in the lives of many others.   Today I felt compelled to share my story in case you needed to hear it:

In 1997 my life took a pivotal turn....I had made the decision to attend Bible College and after only a week there I was in a terrible car accident.   Thankfully no one was seriously injured and only the cars were destroyed but I was left with a tremendous amount of pain and some health issues that have lingered to this day.

Shortly after this I was approached by a woman who had…