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Have you met Jenny Lawson yet?

If you haven't headed my advice and gone to check out yet....go there and come back!

Did you make it back?   I sure hope so, is she not truly brilliant?   I wanted to tell you about her new book "Lets Pretend This Never Happened"  (go buy it here)

This book is such a fun read, although there are some stories that just tug on your heart and some that are horrifying (honest when she warns you about the deer picture...just look away!), she tells them in such an honest and HILARIOUS way!

Interspersed amongst the amazing stories about her childhood, marriage and motherhood are these transcripts of actual conversations between her and her husband Victor!   According to the author herself, this man deserves a medal, but sometimes he is just as quirky and crazy as she is and that makes it so much more fun!

While you are there, stop by her shop and check out her awesome swag...I want the Lawsbian Pride Shirt!  Come join the club...all the cool kids are doi…