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Update on life...

Another year has almost past by!!!

Today is my lovely sisters birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANYA!  This also means that it is only 4 days until my birthday.   Its hard to believe its the 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday! hehehe just kidding...sort of?   I do feel like time is slipping by in an ever increasing manner though!

So here is my update:

Marriage - IS AWESOME!   I love my husband and I am so proud to be his wife.   He is kind and lovely and always willing to work with me as we journey along.   Its great to have a true partner I can count on who loves and respects me!   He is also very very forgiving especially at the start and end of the school year!!!!

Work - IS AWESOME!   I am loving my new job and its a total fit for me.   I have tons of awesome projects to work on and lots of flexibility to do it all my way.

Choir - IS AWESOME!!  in four days we will be performing our world premiere of our choral piece that was commissioned in part to honour the 125 birthday of Vancouver.  P…

I wanted to share a poem

As many of you know, I am dealing with a medical issue right now that has probably gone undiagnosed for a very very long time and contributed to a lot of things that have been happening over the years!   Major Headaches, Back and Neck Pain, Weight Gain, Most of my Major Depression Symptoms and so on....

I am part of a great group of people online who all have the same thing and are going through the same things as me, and some of them are so much worse than I am.    I pray daily for them as they have lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods and even spouses because of this terrible disease.

The list of possible causes is as long as my arm and would basically mean everyone in the world is at risk....a scary way of saying they have no idea!

Today, a new friend of mine Heather posted a great poem online and I wanted to share it with you my faithful reader, not as excuses but as a tiny window into what it feels like to be me lately!

When your head is banging
And you can not see
The world is swayi…

I am Sad and Torn Today.....

As we all know by now Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American troops just outside of Islamabad.   Do not get me wrong, I do not  think this is the bad part.

What makes me so sad is that people are partying in the street.   People are rejoicing that someone is dead and they are openly wishing someone a painful horrid death filled with  an eternity experiencing anguish and torture in Hell.  This thought makes me so sad.    Have we actually become so jaded?   

Moreover, have we become so blind?    Bin Laden was merely a figure head, a face to a cause.   There are millions behind him who will step up and continue his war.    Until we can come to a peaceful understanding it will NEVER end.    This makes me even more sad.

As many of my dutiful readers know I am a very empathetic person and also very logical (okay well most of the time) and I will often present the devils advocate point of view just so it can be said and maybe cause some to think before they rant!

I want to preface this…