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only 51 days left !!!!!

People have been asking if I am stressed out...and I am not surprisingly. People have also been asking what is left to do and what we could use help with.

So here is the list of things I still need to do:

Get the dress altered (Rachel thinks she has someone)
Find the broach for the dress
Find the amazing hairpiece or cute little black hat with little black veil
Find more money LOL
Figure out how and where to get my hair done
Figure out how and where to get my nails and makeup done
Meet with Raya about the food
Do up a list of photographs for Kirsten
Find out how and where to get all my underclothes, before I do the dress
Figure out what to do now regarding the honeymoon
Start packing up the house!
Find someone with a pick up that will help us do a dump/recycling run so we can pack up the house and have a place to put boxes!
Kiss my honey!
Get the ball rolling on counselling!

Chris is working on the ring, the suit, the pastor …

Great week so far....

Having a great week so far....and I think its going to be a great year coming up!

I am feeling surprisingly upbeat about being closer to 40 than 30...

I had a great date with Chris on the weekend for my birthday and then family lunch with the immediate family at Cambie noodle. We dropped my Dad off at the airport and went over to grandma's house for a visit and Mom and Brian and I ended up staying for dinner.

I think i might be allergic to my grandma's house...or maybe the blooming plant in the corner...or possibly the chinese food she orders. This is the second time i have had a very severe allergic reaction after being at her house. Someone remind me to ask her what the plant in the corner is.

My eyes have been swollen up for 3 days now, and are very dry and even cracking at bit...the swolleness in my face thankfully as gone down and its just my eyelids now. Don't tell Grandma im allergic to her house might make her upset!

Rachel and Scott are coming to …