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Bzzagent - Extend-a-Clean Scrubbing Bubbles

Okay Ladies,

I got another Bzzagent job....I needed to review the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power sprayer.    I was thinking it was a pretty silly idea, but having used the shower cleaner and it making a difference I thought I would give it a try!

WOW - my husband actually did the spraying and then I totally forgot about it.   He told me he liked that it had a continuous spray!  

A little bit of back story, we live in a dingy little basement suite, but its our happy little dingy basement suite.   The bathroom taps get a little gross and leak so they get that gross black and rusty stuff around the edges and you have to clean the counters every other day if you don't want to see it.

I went away to camp and when I got home I was in the bathroom and asked my husband if he had cleaned up while I was away.   I was amazed when he said no!

There was no groadies around the tap and the counters had no soap scum or toothpaste grossness I would have expected at not being cleaned in al…

I have been thinking...

Its been just over two months since my Aunty Sharon passed away and today she and her family has been on my mind all day.   I was looking at picture of the kids trick r' treating and it amazed me how fast time is flowing the older I get.

It doesn't feel like that long ago when all of us would go out, I can still remember the layout of the house and the feel of Sharon or my mom yanking on our hair as we pick some "pretties" out of the olive green tupperware that was always kept in the cupboard just over from the fridge.   I remember camping trips, card games in the rain, playing outside till it was dark, eating fruit from the tree till we felt sick and so much more.   I remember trying to sleep on the waterbed and getting busted for chewing gum while "sleeping" by my parents.   I remember everyone gathering at Sharon and Dwights house in a huge storm and squeezing the puppy in the car while they ran back to get Tanya.  

The visits became much less frequent …