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Why I am still proud to be a Vancouverite!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that last night was not the best moment in Vancouver History!  But just in case you live under a rock.... CTV Coverage of Riot

I had a pretty bad feeling all day yesterday, I was here downtown in '94 and I was really scared that it would go bad win or lose.    In fact on my way home on the bus I just prayed and prayed for me to be wrong!   As the game was nearing the end, I began to get heavy hearted and started thinking back over what happened 17 years ago.   

I have never been a hockey fan to be honest, but I am a fan of fun!  I absolutley LOVE going to live games even though I am not a sports girl, because the atmosphere is amazing and how can you not love just soaking up other peoples joy and excitement!    The details are more hazy now as I get older, but I remember we left part way through the game to head downtown because thats where all the fun would be.   We walked up and down Robson and Georgia and Granville, the atmosphere was ele…