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Its a new year....but is anyone learning anything?

First off an update...Chris and I had a wonderful christmas season with the family even though it was crazy busy as usual.   For those of you who only read the blog and not facebook....In December I was diagnosed with Intercranial HyperTension (basicly my brain is swollen and causing pressure).  It was a hard month but  I am doing well on the medication despite the crappy side effects and my inability to remember to take medications on time!  I am currently following up with 3 doctors each month and going for routine labs to make sure I am still okay.  Needless to say I am totally sick of seeing the doctors LOL.    This apparently will continue for at least 6 months BLAH!

In an effort to get my brain and body healthy again I have decided to go back to what works for me!  Peer pressure LOL.   I have joined Weight Watchers again and got myself a work out buddy who can work out with me at lunch or after work!  

Chris and I are enjoying life and enjoying each other and were only a little…