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Its a new year....but is anyone learning anything?

First off an update...Chris and I had a wonderful christmas season with the family even though it was crazy busy as usual.   For those of you who only read the blog and not facebook....In December I was diagnosed with Intercranial HyperTension (basicly my brain is swollen and causing pressure).  It was a hard month but  I am doing well on the medication despite the crappy side effects and my inability to remember to take medications on time!  I am currently following up with 3 doctors each month and going for routine labs to make sure I am still okay.  Needless to say I am totally sick of seeing the doctors LOL.    This apparently will continue for at least 6 months BLAH!

In an effort to get my brain and body healthy again I have decided to go back to what works for me!  Peer pressure LOL.   I have joined Weight Watchers again and got myself a work out buddy who can work out with me at lunch or after work!  

Chris and I are enjoying life and enjoying each other and were only a little bit put back by the news we would have to wait another 6 months to a year to try getting pregnant!   We are so excited to start our own little family and the delay is a bummer but I would much rather be healthy and have a healthy baby than anything else!

We are rejoicing in all our friends baby's (congrats to the newest addition!!!! can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!) and we get to babysit the nephews once a week!

So the rest of this blog....My heart is sore once again!

I don't understand how someone can repeat the same action over and over expecting different results each time?   I will not go into details at all, but I am heartsick that these people have chosen to go down this path once again without thinking of the consequences of their actions and the widespread ripples it will cause to others.

So what do you do?   Do you wipe your hands clean?   Do you stand by and watch the wreck happen?   Do you join in on the insanity and hope for a different result?   Do you stand by and let the pain you know will happen to innocent bystanders just happen???  I just don't know.   To be honest I don't think I am actually looking for an answer.

I have had some pretty rough things happen in my life, some beyond my control, some as the results of my own decisions and I turned out okay.    But I had a strong group of friends and family and a faith that helped carry me at points when I was unable to even move!   It took many years of therapy, self exploration, a ton of growing up and lots of painful self inquisition!  What happens to people who don't have that structure or ability to face themselves??   Are they buried?  Does someone come in and drag them out?  Does time heal all wounds?

I think this is part of why I am so interested in psychology; the human mind/body/spirit is the most amazing thing!  I desire to know why if three people experience the exact same thing, they all deal with it differently!  Is it nature or nuture?  Do people have the innate ability to deal with only certain things in certain ways?   Does the structure around them create those mechanisms?   Is it a combination of both?   Is it none of the above.

As you can see today I am feeling very philisophical!  I hope this situation all works out but I can't help but think I am standing at the sidelines of a very slow and painful crash that will cause some irreperable damaage to some very special people.

c'est la vie?  who knows....


Tanya Baron said…
Join in on the insanity and hope for a different result. That's my vote.

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