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i think i want this...what do you think?

Acer Aspire AS1410-8837 Notebook PC -
Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500
1.4GHz, 3GB DDR2,
250GB HDD,
11.6” WXGA,


here are the specs:

Display Type:
WXGA Crystal Brite panel Display
Screen Size:
Maximum Resolution:
1280 x 800
Memory Type:
Memory Size:
Memory Speed:
DDR2 667
Memory Slots (Total):
Memory Slots (Filled):
Memory Slots (Available):
Maximum Memory Supported:
Hard Drives Included:
1x 250GB
Drive Types:
Hard Drive
Hard Drive Speed:
5400 RPM
Thin & Light
Open Box
Operating Systems:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Startup Operating System:
Windows Vista Home Premium English/French
Notebook PC
Processor Brand:
Processor Class:
Core 2 Solo
Processor Type:
Processor Speed:
Processor Number:
Processor FSB:
Processor Cache:
3 MB L2 Cache
Additional Technologies:
Enhanced SpeedStep Technology

Intel® Virtualization Technology
Graphics Description:

Where is Bun???

Okay so the baby has not come yet and we are all sister called me a stalker yesterday because i called her twice!

Chris says we need to put a note on a muffin that says "if you come out there is more where that came from"

Martin said some blargh flark flip numbers numbers wierd geeky thing which i am sure someone smarter than me got and laughed loudly over. (love you martin!!)

Tanya tried to hold cookies in front of of her mouth to entice the baby....but well then she ate them.

My office says its AL GREEN TIME (read...lets get it on!) and also one suggestion of eating some eggplant parmigean. Apparently its foolproof?

Can't wait to meet the little girl or guy and see how Warren interacts with the baby!

Hurry up bun we are all anxious to meet you!

love Aunty Tara

Camp Olave Update

Hey Guys,

Some people have been asking what you could continue to do to help save Camp Olave. Here is the latest information that i have recieved.

1 November 2009

Dear Guiders and Friends of Guiding,

We lost the first round with the passing of the bylaw on Friday. It was not surprising asall 45 applicants requesting tax exemption were included in the same bylaw. If the District ofSechelt Council had defeated the bylaw no one would have received their exemptions for 2010. The bylaw reads that Camp Olave is to be taxed in 2010 on the upper half of the camp property, which based on the last assessment, would have us pay an annual tax of at least $133,000. Clearly we cannot afford that.

The Camp Olave Management Committee’s next step is to obtain a new tax assessmentof our property. The assessment team has recently been to camp. The official assessment will be mailed in January. Please note we can appeal the tax assessment, but not the bylaw exemption. We will not kno…

Life as I know it...update!

Hello everyone!

life has been interesting. I have really over booked myself lately, with work, two writing intensive classes, brownies, choir, the olympics and being a wife!

I think some things have to go....dont worry its not Chris! he's a keeper! Next semester anyway I am going to take off school to focus on work, choir and the Olympics. I have got two new leaders at brownies so that will help as well.

Tanya and Andre are at baby day....we are now just waiting for Bun to make her (or his) arrival. I am really excited to meet my new nephew or niece and can't wait to see what warren thinks of her.

I survived bronchitis and now have something called Costrocondritis? i think i spelled that wrong. Anyway its inflamed cartilage connecting my ribs to my breastbone. Im not supposed to wear an underwire bra and I have to put up with the constant pain. awesome! the pain is compared to a heart attack or the inability to take in a deep breath. I can't breath deep, str…