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Week 3

Its going good so far...did you know you can eat a vietnamese salad roll for only 2 points! YUM YUM 1 tablespoon of peanut sauce is 1 point.

So far I am down 10 pounds, i cheated today and weighed even though weigh in is not till friday! LOL.

Super busy right now, but just wanted to update! Chris's party is this friday, and we are looking forward to hanging out at the alibi room and then going dancing!

Hope all is well with you....make sure you click on the banner on the left and sign the NO MEAL TAX petition!

Being Healthy - week 1 of the rest of my life.

So on the first day of the year as I was dealing with my first hang over in a LONG LONG time (I broke my own cardinal rule, no mixing types of alcohol), I was thinking about being healthy. I looked at myself and realized that Chris and I have been enjoying the good life, with good food and good wine etc etc! We have both packed on weight to already curvy frames and are feeling the "weight" of the issue.

I decided to go back to the weight watchers principle, its easy to follow, it makes sense and it works. Whats the first step, write down what your eating to see where you are at. I calculated out my daily points and set out to eat like i normally do and then write it all down to see if i am off base.

Well day one being hung over i was well under my limit two not so successful, I didnt eat excessively just the normal puttering around the house weekend stuff, lots of nibbling! Turns out I ate all my daily points and all my weekly points and then a few more!…