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WOW...another extreme shop!

I forgot to post my first extreme shop here on my here is a link to the post but to sum it all up
I spent $102.00 and had a coupon savings of $204.93 (without counting pricematch and sale prices)!

not to bad huh!

Well I have done it again!   Denise and I decided to hit the store last night and I picked up some great stuff my final bill was $61.72 and my coupon savings was $122.47 and again this does not include sale prices, although I have to say that I did not have to pricematch yesterday.  Everything I was going to pricematch ended up being the price at the store!    I think Denise had to pricematch 3 items. Here is a picture of my haul!

for those of you who can't see the haul includes the following:

2 deep woods off, 1 active sport off, 1 coppertone sport sunscreen, 6 bars of jergens soap, Nexxus shampoo and conditioner, Automatic shower cleaner with two 1 l refills, 4 double packs of glade scented oil refills, 2 scented oil plugins with double refill…