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Super new shop! LOVE the Lougheed London Drugs!!

I have lots to update, but I will do that in another blog!   This blog is to highlight my newest shop!

First off I have to give a shout out to Leigh-Ann and Justin at the London Drugs at Lougheed mall!   I have never had such a fun experience doing a shop!  They were very welcoming and were happy to see the couponers in the store!   They wanted to know if they had run out of anything or if they needed to order something else we wanted.   They even went so far as to find other coupons and bring them to us at the cashier to see if we had them.   Even though the store closed they were happy to have us there and weren't rude in the slightest even though we apologized a ton!   They would like us to call ahead and order items if we are going to take large quantities, especially when we have the really good deals on diapers since they cant stock tons of different sizes and types.  So all I can say is GO TO THE LOUGHEED LD!  They love coupons and want us to come shop there!   No rude cash…