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Super new shop! LOVE the Lougheed London Drugs!!

I have lots to update, but I will do that in another blog!   This blog is to highlight my newest shop!

First off I have to give a shout out to Leigh-Ann and Justin at the London Drugs at Lougheed mall!   I have never had such a fun experience doing a shop!  They were very welcoming and were happy to see the couponers in the store!   They wanted to know if they had run out of anything or if they needed to order something else we wanted.   They even went so far as to find other coupons and bring them to us at the cashier to see if we had them.   Even though the store closed they were happy to have us there and weren't rude in the slightest even though we apologized a ton!   They would like us to call ahead and order items if we are going to take large quantities, especially when we have the really good deals on diapers since they cant stock tons of different sizes and types.  So all I can say is GO TO THE LOUGHEED LD!  They love coupons and want us to come shop there!   No rude cashiers making you feel like you are trying to rip off the stores and no limits on the price match!!  Even price matched with Army and Navy!

Anyway... On to my shop!  This one was a record....I had a coupon savings of $284.69!!  When you take out the taxes I paid a total of 17.00 for the product!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!  Here is a picture of what I got!

 so as per usual lets list it all out!  2 scope outlast, 6 dawn, 6 cascade, 3 large mr. clean, 2 centrum cardio vitamins, 1 claritin allergy sinus with bonus allergy medicine, 2 secret invisible deoderants, 4 covergirl wetslicks lipglosses, 3 mr clean magic erasers, 1 Johnson and johnson gift basket, 1 pack of huggies newborn diapers, 1 venus gift pack with razor, shaving cream, olay lotion, travel case and shower pod!, 5 mr clean multiservice sprays, 1 mr clean bathroom spray, 4 gillette body washes, 2 olay body washes, large ziplocs, 4 oral b toothbrushes, 3 large bottles of advil, 2 herbal essesnce shampoos, 2 febreeze flameless lumiaries, 1 dove shampoo and 1 dove conditioner, 1 dove body wash with bonus deoderant, 1 dove hairspray, 2 skintimate shave lotions and 1 quatchi doll!!!

I have been asked to write a review on a couple of products so watch for those in the next few days!   I am currently checking one of them out and waiting for the other to show up!



Carole said…
That is awesome! I have been saving my coupons for a good coupon stacking expedition, but I admit I don't know enough about how to go about doing it. I know I missed your class a while back about it. Maybe you can let me know?

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