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It May be Raining Like Crazy Today....But I Saw the Sun!!

For those who know me well, you know that my family has been struggling alot in the last few weeks.    On August 17th my mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer  and that started this horrible ugly ride that we have been strapped into since.

(photo: Joel A Rogers)
I got the text to call my mom while I was at a week long camp up on the sunshine coast, I took my phone and sat down on one of my favorite beaches staring out into the beautiful sun hanging over the ocean surrounded by trees.   Behind me I could hear the girls laughing and enjoying the program I had planned for them.   I took the news like a good women in our family does - Strong and Optimistic.  When I hung up the phone  I put my face in my hands and I cried.   I cried in fear, I cried for my mom, for my dad and I just let it wash over me.

The wierdest thing happened as I cried, a long haired hippy guy with no shirt on appeared on the beach (wierd since its a private beach, but it happens).   He saw me crying and he looked v…

UH OH....its September!!!!!

So here we go, what happened to the summer?  Apparently I worked through it LOL.

My weekenights are slowly filling up with Choir, School, District Events, Area Events and somewhere in there I need to remember to fit in date night each week with my lovely and ever patient husband!

My calendar has gone digital, my files have gone cloud and I even found my GGC name tag.    What sort of things do you do to keep on track during the busy months?

For my faithful readers in the Vancouver Area, if you want to sign up as a leader or district guider you can always email me!   Depending on which role (or if your as silly as many roles) you take on, your commitment can be a few hours each month or week.   We are of course always looking for leaders who want to fill in for leaders who are sick or who want to be ratio leaders for camps and events.   Its a great organization to volunteer with and you can make a significant difference in the lives of young girls!

If you are wanting to sign up…