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Merry Christmas Dear Internet!!!

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From our Family to Yours!

C and T

When it shines....its tropical??

Ever thought about this??   When things are going bad we say "when it pours"   but what do we say when things are going good?

That's my gift to you today dear're welcome!

Okay so why is it so shiny??

Its been a stellar week in the daisy field!  

Sunday -  My faithful fans (so my mom and tanya LMAO) will remember fondly my status update for sunday...."Hung out with the kids...made Christmas pictures...had Perogies for breakfast (yeah I did)...took a 3 hour nap...finished my paper....ate home made Turkey pot pie for dinner...cuddled with my husband...decorated the Christmas I am watching Dexter!! yup sounds like a great Sunday to me!!!"   I mean really, that's a good day!  Those perogies by the way were homemade by the polish lady at the deli down the street! YUMMMMY

Monday - The work day flew buy, I watched some Sons of Anarchy (season 1..kind of grusome but really good!) at my desk and then went to an amazing rehe…