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When it shines....its tropical??

Ever thought about this??   When things are going bad we say "when it pours"   but what do we say when things are going good?

That's my gift to you today dear're welcome!

Okay so why is it so shiny??

Its been a stellar week in the daisy field!  

Sunday -  My faithful fans (so my mom and tanya LMAO) will remember fondly my status update for sunday...."Hung out with the kids...made Christmas pictures...had Perogies for breakfast (yeah I did)...took a 3 hour nap...finished my paper....ate home made Turkey pot pie for dinner...cuddled with my husband...decorated the Christmas I am watching Dexter!! yup sounds like a great Sunday to me!!!"   I mean really, that's a good day!  Those perogies by the way were homemade by the polish lady at the deli down the street! YUMMMMY

Monday - The work day flew buy, I watched some Sons of Anarchy (season 1..kind of grusome but really good!) at my desk and then went to an amazing rehersal with Good Noise, our full band and our guest choir from Kwantlen.   We really are awesome!

Tuesday - I got up at 4:30 am, no really I did YUCK!  Andre came and picked me up and we ran down to the Westin Bayshore to sing at the annual christmas tree decorating competition.   We sang all morning for Breakfast Television on CityTV.   Then I met my husband at starbucks, we went christmas shopping (I am all done just need stocking stuffers), had grilled cheese..oh darn I keep forgetting to do my review...Went to the specialist and got the okay to go off my meds!!!   Swelling seems to have stayed down and she was pleased with the way things looked.   I have a follow up in 2 months.  Cuddled with my hubby and watched GLEE YAY!

Wednesday - I got up at 4:30 am again and Chris and I hopped in a cab to the Pan Pacific for the Christmas Wish Breakfast so I could sing again!  (here is a clip with a tiny teaser of us and shows the huge mountain of toys!   Then I went off to work after grabbing a yummy starbucks and reaching my first 15 star free drink YAY!   Once I got to work I found out that I got 14 out of 15 on my paper in my Language class...SUPER STAR!!!!!!!

Thursday - That brings me to today, I get to go to my mom and dads for a visit and to help them finish their taxes.   I will get fed something yummy and then I am going to borrow my moms car till Sunday.  

Friday - Concert at Christ Church....its going to rock!  I hope you got tickets because this is a packed to the rafters sold out show.

Saturday -  I intend on sleeping until forever and then I will get up study and go to my Concert at Christ Church, this one will rock too!  Also sold out.

Sunday - Have to get a good sleep, have a good breakfast and then head up to SFU for my exam.   Then I am going to drive like a mad woman to our concert at Fraserview in Richmond (starts at 3:00 pm).   You can still get tickets if you like for this one

Hope its tropical where you are too!   Why don't you share some good news with the internet too?


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