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Good Morning Texts and other amazing things about online dating!

Good Morning Boys and Girls!!

Today in the Land of Tara things are pretty amazing!  I am exhausted but really happy!   This morning I woke up to two amazing texts.
The first was from a dear friend of mine and she and her husband have had a beautiful baby girl with the most adorable chubby cheeks.  I am over the moon that they have had a little future spark and I am already thinking about spark activities in case momma wants to run a sparks unit when its time (that’s like 5 years for you folks not in the know hahahaha).
The second text was from Mr. Seattle, you may remember that I wrote about him a few weeks ago and how I was conflicted because I said NO LONG DISTANCE but then ended up talking to him and he is sweet and handsome and seems to be smart!  ANYHOOO….he messages me this morning and says:

A Waste of Good Underwear....

Or alternatively…How I got stood up Once, Uh twice, WAIT Three times in one week!
To say that this week has been disappointing is an understatement.   I have to say about midweek last week I was feeling pretty on top of the pile.   I had dates lined up all the way until Thursday of the next week with some nice gentleman,I had dropped some more weightI had worn an old amazing pair of jeans and looked good!!I had nailed some tricky harmoniesI was learning 2 languages at the same time!I had made a new group of friends in Rome online (yes mom I am being safe and there are girls!), one of whom is a single, gorgeous Italian guy who wants to take me for Aperativo     and a night walk through some of the fountains in Rome! So you know feeling pretty good!

Then Sunday came….I was supposed to go for Coffee with  uhm lets call him Dutch we have been talking for a few months now.  I was actually surprised he got the nerve up to actually ask to meet.     I was supposed to be in Surrey but…

Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Online dating sites!

Okay or alternately everything i know that you could possibly want to know about some dating sites.
Let's start with Bumble since i have a bee in my bonnet.  Oh just a note, all of the subscription prices for multiple months must come out in one payment!   This can get very expensive!  You will note some of them don't even have 1 month subscriptions so you have to shell out 3 months before you know if you really want to pay for the service!
* * * * * *  Bumble is an app and does not have a computer interface.   It works on the same swipe left/right premise as Tinder.   You see a picture (you can review additional pictures by scrolling up and you can read the small profile by clicking on the banner with their name and age) and then you swipe left to say "no thanks" and you swipe right to say "I am interested".
The fun part about Bumble is that the girl has to make the first move.   If I swipe right on a guy and he has also swiped right then I have the opportu…

Adventures in Online Dating part Deux

Welcome back...I know you are all just waiting with baited breath to see what happened this week!
I had intended to write a totally different blog this week but after what happened yesterday I thought it was really important to write this one.  I want to warn you though that this post may be long and it may be triggering to some and I wanted to give you notice and a chance to skip over it or leave.
I will leave this happy picture of a unicorn and a kitten dancing on a rainbow here to distract you….if you want to skip the bad and go to the good then just go find the matching picture further down the page!  You know the more I look at this picture I think that unicorn farted that rainbow and the cat is trying to run away while laughing uncomfortably.

Okay…so you want the real dirt huh…I considered naming this blog a number of things such as:
So I escaped an axe murdererAdventures in the fish bowl aka how I thwarted my own rape

Or maybe just:
Holy Sweet Mary Mother of God WTF is Wrong with Peo…