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A Waste of Good Underwear....

Or alternatively…How I got stood up Once, Uh twice, WAIT Three times in one week!


To say that this week has been disappointing is an understatement.   I have to say about midweek last week I was feeling pretty on top of the pile.  
  • I had dates lined up all the way until Thursday of the next week with some nice gentleman,
  • I had dropped some more weight
  • I had worn an old amazing pair of jeans and looked good!!
  • I had nailed some tricky harmonies
  • I was learning 2 languages at the same time!
  • I had made a new group of friends in Rome online (yes mom I am being safe and there are girls!), one of whom is a single, gorgeous Italian guy who wants to take me for Aperativo     and a night walk through some of the fountains in Rome!
So you know feeling pretty good!

Then Sunday came….I was supposed to go for Coffee with  uhm lets call him Dutch we have been talking for a few months now.  I was actually surprised he got the nerve up to actually ask to meet.     I was supposed to be in Surrey but ended up in Burnaby and texted to let him know that I would have a car and could meet.    I messaged him about an hour before we were to meet asking where he wanted to meet.
Do you hear that readers…’s the sound of silence.

I heard Nada.  Not that my day was a write off or anything; I had an amazing day with my family followed by games and great food, wine, whiskey (okay well actually I had a nice tequila) and coffee.   My momma told me to give him the benefit of the doubt; my sister said maybe he was in the hospital.   I say I got ghosted!  It’s been 4 days and I still hear nothing but the crickets.

Fast forward to Tuesday night, I had been really looking forward to this date.   Let’s call him Alpha.  I hope you can imagine tall, broad shoulders, well dressed, devious smile and a wicked sense of humour.   He actually invited me out to a real adult restaurant for dinner and everything!   I got a bit dolled up and I think I looked good, what do you think?

A little sexy librarian kinda vibe No?

Anyways...I walked in and was a bit embarrassed because I realized I don’t know Alpha’s last name, so I wasn’t able to check on a reservation.   He didn’t appear to be at the restaurant yet and so I asked if I could sit in the lounge and wait for my escort.   The bartender came by a couple of times and after about 6 minutes which felt like 2 hours btw I ordered a nice class of wine and proceeded to scroll through Facebook and try not to look like a pathetic girl playing dress up and being stood up!    I waited half an hour, kind of hopeful that he had gone to the wrong location and was running late getting to where I was, but then I remembered he had my cell number.

I put my credit card on the bar and the bartender came over to see if he could get me anything else.   I had stupidly told him I was waiting for someone, so I lamely said “oh no thank you it appears I have been stood up, so I think I will just go!”  He came back with the machine and said “it’s his loss, you look amazing and I wouldn’t have stood you up”.  Darn it if I didn’t want to just leap over that bar and kiss that tall fool!

I have to tell you, it stung!   I had to blink back angry tears at one point.   I mean come on….I even wore the really good underwear, you know the kind I am talking about.   The lacy, barely there, makes your butt look like two little sexy globes, kinda underwear.   I would show you but this is the wrong blog for that!

When I posted about my lack of date on Facebook and having wasted the good underwear I got two very awesome pieces of advice which I will share with you now:

From a very dear and lovely (sexy too but don’t tell him, his ego is big enough) friend – “You should have showed the bartender the good underwear”

He is probably right, the bartender was a tall drink of yuuuuuummmmmyyy!
Sigh…missed opportunity!

From a bit more sensible but dearly dearly loved friend (also sexy in her own right) – ‘You are worth the good underwear every day”

YOU KNOW WHAT???   Damn right I am!!!

Not only does my ass look good in these jeans but it also look amazing in the good underwear, I am going to have to wear some just for me!

So what can a jilted girl do to soothe her sorrows?  Why go online and meet a new hot dude hahaha!

Okay let me put this out there in case you are wondering.   I have been on my own for what feels like a long time.   Because my last relationship was a long distance one, even though I was coupled I was pretty alone.   Couldn’t go out on double dates with friend’s cuz who wants to be the 5th wheel; didn’t want to do some stuff alone, so I didn’t do it.

What that time alone did do though was teach me how to be a great me… to do things that made me happy.   To spend more time with friends and family; to value those amazing girl friendships I have made over the years!  To get comfortable in my own skin and to advocate for my needs!

So as I embark on all these dates I have no expectations….I am just trying to meet cool people to go and do fun stuff with.   If I meet someone awesome….that sweet elusive unicorn (which I was told was mythical….thanks for that)  then  that will be great, but until then I want to go out and enjoy each day and meet cool people.

Okay where was I…..OH YEAH!

So last night, I had a date with ummm let’s call him Stretch.   So Stretch and I were supposed to meet at the Broadway Canada line station and grab coffee and take a walk around the seawall into false creek.  He had said 6ish so I arrived about 15 minutes before 6 and waited….and waited….all the while being bombarded by the sounds of slaughtered animals, buckets of blood and screaming piglets.   Turns out Steve-o from Jackass is a vegetarian and he would like me to eat a Kind diet also; in the almost 40 minutes I waited I got to listen to that gem video about 8 times.

Guess what dear readers?????

Can you believe this shit?  I am starting to get a complex here.  I know it can’t be that they are showing up and turning away because I am older and fatter than my pics because to be honest I am slimmer now than in the pics I have posted.   So what is it?

Don’t these boys have mothers?  Who raised them to be such rudie-poos!  I really don’t care if you met someone else, or changed your mind or got nervous or whatever your host of reasons is for not showing up. 

Be polite…be a F^&*^ng human being and text to say something came up!

So I dragged my sorry and pathetic ass over to London drugs, bought chocolate and mascara and then took myself out for dinner at peaceful.   I read my book and enjoyed some hand cut noodles and spicy ginger beef before returning home and hiding said chocolate so that I can’t find it later when my old ass brain forgets I bought it!

I now have a date tonight with hmmm….Rico and one on Friday with let’s see….Thirsty but I have to say my desire to keep doing this is getting mighty thin.

*****Update Time *****

 Mr. Engineer and I were talking a lot and then one day I said I was really tired and going home to hang out and he tried to invite himself over.   I politely declined and he got kind of pissy about it.   Since then he basically doesn’t message me.   I think he has said hi twice and I wished him a happy Easter.     To bad we had a lot of fun chatting.

The rest have sort of faded off, there are two that I was kind of hopeful for but both seem to be too shy or not actually interested so I have stopped initiating conversation……so as you can imagine that slowed down the conversation a lot.

So far the only person I talk to on a regular basis is Mr. Poly (who is amazing and I adore spending time with  btw) and I have talked too but still not seen Mr. Politico.   I am hoping he will eventually ask me out so i can see if we have any chemistry in real life.

I guess you just keep casting that net right?  Sure glad I am not trying to get married here. HAHAHHA.  Well that is all for today dear readers….i am sure you are bored by now.

Till next time!

PS…if you have any great dating stories hop over to the blog and share them in the comments or email me and I will do a dating horror story/love story post!


Tanya said…
Online dating story, you say? My favourite (other than meeting André) is the guy I met for coffee downtown. We wandered the West End. He ducked into a McD's to use the toilet. When he came out he said "oh well...uh...yeah listen... if you want to hold hands just know, uh... there was no working sink in the bathroom, so you're going to want to hold THIS hand..."
(I didn't want to hold hands.)

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