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Good Morning Texts and other amazing things about online dating!

Good Morning Boys and Girls!!

Today in the Land of Tara things are pretty amazing!  I am exhausted but really happy!   This morning I woke up to two amazing texts.

The first was from a dear friend of mine and she and her husband have had a beautiful baby girl with the most adorable chubby cheeks.  I am over the moon that they have had a little future spark and I am already thinking about spark activities in case momma wants to run a sparks unit when its time (that’s like 5 years for you folks not in the know hahahaha).

The second text was from Mr. Seattle, you may remember that I wrote about him a few weeks ago and how I was conflicted because I said NO LONG DISTANCE but then ended up talking to him and he is sweet and handsome and seems to be smart!  ANYHOOO….he messages me this morning and says:
 Can you say stupid grin and ridiculous girly giggles…..

We frequently don’t get to talk during the day but he almost always texts to see how my day was, to say good night and to say good morning.   Occasionally our lunches overlap and we can talk.   Oh man what have I gotten myself into…J

Okay boys and girls gather round….it’s time for your favourite part of the day!!  It’s update time!!!
Does everyone have a comfy seat?  Good…
Dutch – got back in touch with me and asked me if I would let him accompany him to a private event I have been invited too….LMAO.  I said no sorry I would prefer not to go with a stranger.  Funny haven’t heard from him since.

Stretch – sent me a message saying he was very sorry and recognized what he did was super rude.   He had some last minute business to deal with regarding his home.  He acknowledged that he should have texted me even if he realized it after we were supposed to meet.   I appreciate the effort but Ciao!

Rico – we had a very short date, but it was really nice and he has asked for another one so we are hoping to see each other next week after my crazy week is over(did I tell you I am working TEDtalks this week?  So fun!)

Thirsty – we had a super fun time, he gave me a great kiss at the end of the date and said he couldn’t wait to see me again.  Sent me a few text messages later that evening and then POOOOF…gone, I did a bit of cyber stalking and I am sad to say I think he was married!   WTF DUDE???????   I don’t know for sure but I am pretty sure.

Mr. Engineer – popped back onto the scene, he has been pretty stressed and maxed with work, which I can totally understand.   He wants to go for Taco’s….it like he knows me!

Mr. Poly  - is as sweet and amazing as ever and I think I have lucked into an amazing new friend at the very least.  Our schedules have not meshed lately but I hope to see him again soon.

Last but not least….

Let’s all welcome Mr. Adam’s to the table.    He and I had a phenomenal date and are going on another one this weekend.  He is in a situation much like Mr. Poly so in the end it may end up only being friends but right now we are really enjoying hanging out together.

As I was writing this list out, I was starting to feel like I should feel bad about how long the list is…and it doesn’t include the people that so far I have just been chatting with.    But then I realized something….


Is there something wrong with dating casually?  I am very open with people about the fact that I am open to the possibility of a real love but that right now I am looking for friends and activity partners that maybe like to make out a little hehehhe.  

I feel like I have this little voice inside that says but wait you should just go on one date and then see if it’s a match and if not move on, doesn’t it take more than that to build a relationship?   CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW TIME CONSUMING IT WOULD BE???????

But then I have that bigger voice in my head that says, who cares….if I am open and honest about my intentions and am not leading anyone to think we are in a solitary monogamous dating situation then it’s not hurting anyone right?  I know that most of these guys are doing the same thing….because we talk about it, novel idea right.

Okay I have to go grab my bus to work or I will be late!!!



Ps…I want to hear your dating stories,….send them in!  I have two great dating stories so far, send me a few more and I will do another post!
OR…. want to do a guest blog post from another perspective?  Let’s get this conversation started!


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