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2012 at a glance

Hello all,

So as you know I have decided to do Project 365 this year!   Well I got a code for a shutterfly book, so we decided to do a quick look back at 2012!   We will get a hardcover book but here is the layout for your to check out!  

Its super easy to create a good looking shutterfly book, so go check them out.   The link is just below the book!

Click here to view this photo book larger Create your own personalized photo books at

January 2013

Here we are at the beginning of the new year!

No bullshit about how I am going to do this or that, I just dissapoint when I do that!

This year Chris and I are looking forward to continue to try for a family, and just generally enjoying our life if that does not happen for us.   We hope to spend lots of quality time with friends and family and we pray that this year will find us in good paying, fulfilling jobs!

Speaking of jobs, I am still looking and I hope that if you hear anything you will let me know.   I also ask that you pray for Chris and I while we struggle through this time.   My last severance cheque is on friday and I have two interviews this week.   I have a handful of outstanding applications out as well.   We are trying not to be worried.   We have saved as much as we could and hope that will carry us through.  

I can apply for EI on Friday, but that will mean 2 weeks waiting period and that waiting for the first cheque to come.   The cheque will not be anything close to …