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WTF (thats a freak...not the other trying not to swear!!) This month...this summer...this year is flying by!

Im not sure how to slow it down! I thought i should do a little update and let me adoring fans (all three of you) know how things are going this month.

I started school this month again, that was a big step for me and i am madly in love with my no not like that!!!! he is doing exactly what i want to do when i "grow up" and i am so fascinated by everything he has to say. I think i am going to really like this course (I am taking Adolescent Development FYI).

Brownies starts up on Sept 23rd, but i have been busily attending meetings, training, putting together posters, planning unit meetings and trying to get my calendar straight. I even went to Area camp at the end of august for a few days. I will definetly be staying the whole week next year. I had a riot and it really got me pumped up for brownies. I am the new liason for the churc…