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WTF (thats a freak...not the other trying not to swear!!) This month...this summer...this year is flying by!

Im not sure how to slow it down! I thought i should do a little update and let me adoring fans (all three of you) know how things are going this month.

I started school this month again, that was a big step for me and i am madly in love with my no not like that!!!! he is doing exactly what i want to do when i "grow up" and i am so fascinated by everything he has to say. I think i am going to really like this course (I am taking Adolescent Development FYI).

Brownies starts up on Sept 23rd, but i have been busily attending meetings, training, putting together posters, planning unit meetings and trying to get my calendar straight. I even went to Area camp at the end of august for a few days. I will definetly be staying the whole week next year. I had a riot and it really got me pumped up for brownies. I am the new liason for the church we meet in and my reception has been very good. I was woried but turns out they were just as worried that i was going to be all stand offish and ignore the church and its people like the last group. I even made contact with the scout troupe and we may go do a few joint activities.

Choir started up this week and i can tell i havent been singing as much and of course i forgot my water bottle so my throat was very raw at the end, but we did learn a new song. Sadly it does not look like i will be able to go to the october retreat, although someone else did offer to pay for it, which was very nice to know people want me to go that badly!

We are about half way through the financial peace university course, and we are slowly getting the hang of it. I think that we are building the foundation for us to be very happy and successful. I know Chris and I are very excited to be able to put this in practice and be able to give our children a legacy of good savings etc. (no mom i am not dissing you!)

We have our big vacation coming up in november and we have not decided where yet but we are tossing around mandalay bay in vegas, cuba or mexico. I am really looking forward to going to hawaii some time after transat starts flying there.

Chris and I were both given promotions in status and title this summer (sadly not monetary but still very exciting none the less) and we are working hard to prove they were not done in vain.

We are both really excited about the directions are lives are headed and are both doing very well! we are literaly counting the days until we get our new bed and can finally have a great restful and unpainful sleep!

Chris is looking at taking a photography course in the winter semester, and i am very jealous but not sure i can add one more thing to my plate at this point. Besides something tells me he will be a good teacher and wanting to show me all the cool stuff he learned anyway!

Warren is amazing and beautiful and if you cant tell i am the most proud aunty ever! Hopefully in the next year or two maybe we can work on giving him another cousin to play with ;) we will see about that one.

Jennifer is ready to pop out six anyday now! we are just waiting for the call to go meet the new family princess!

I have discovered the best book series by stephanie meyer called twilight, i have read all 4 of them (in 9 days eheheheheh) all 500 pages or more each! She is a great writer and i have just started another one by her called The Host, so far so good i will let you know. I have also been turned onto another series called House of Night by PC and Kristin Cast, haven't started them yet but looking forward to them (more vampire books).

Chris and i were talking about why i have stopped reading true crime and moved into more of a fantasy type book and i decided the other day, especially since i have moved on to the Major Crime Desk that i need to escape real for awhile! I get an awful lot of that lately, including pictures!

speaking of work....well my break is over i better head back! hope you enjoyed the update and i look forward to reading all of yours!


Carole said…
What a great update Tara! You have so much going on but can tell the Lord is totally blessing so many areas of your life. I love the tantalizing "cousin for Warren" bit. That would just be awesome.
WOW, great update!!! Thanks! I am reading this after a wonderful day I have had I will be blogging it if I have enough time to, but the gist of it is that the house is completely ready for me to leave it AND then bring Paige home. PS It warms me that you called her Princess...she truly is...PS...owwwwwwwwwie!!!
Tanya said…
Adoring fan number 3, reporting for duty.
Kimpossible said…
Tara, it's nice to hear what's going on with you. It sounds like things are going well...very cool!
Denise Nagy said…
Hey psssst I am the secret fan...shhh

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