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I just need to say this....

This week I have been confronted by many things that have made me stop and really work my tinkboxer! (thats brain for you non campers...)

I truly believe in God and his love for me....I believe that he puts people, situations, words...whatever in my line of sight as a way of speaking to me. You can call it Kismit, Fate, The Universe, Buddha, Mohammed, Ganesh, The Stars whatever you like but I call it God. I still love you even if you call it horseshit!

I wanted to share some of the things that have touched me latlely.

1. I am an avid reader of and she has been talking about a site called Unbreakable

I have been so moved by the courage of these people to face their fears and shame and say NO...SHAME IS FOR THE ATTACKER! It reminds me of the strength of the human spirit

2. Why I hate Religion....I have long felt alone and ashamed of my disgust for organized religion which I felt was is in direct contradiction to my love of God. Its nice to know I am not alone. …

So its been a week....Getting fit all over!

So as my loyal readers know (all 3 of you thanks for checking in!) Chris and I are getting fit - emotionally, financially and physically! You will have to scroll to the end if you just want to see the results in numbers!

We sat down, paid off all our credit cards and Chris cancelled one of his cards. We have enough credit between us to be able to book any minor travel but not so much we can't pay it off right away if we got in to far! We have a pre paid card as well if we need to charge something more than what would fit on each of our credit cards. That feels pretty good!

We have set out our budgets and after making some changes we are both putting away some decent savings and are on track to purchase a new to us car in May (with payments please!), to take a dream trip to europe in 2013 and to consider purchasing mid 2014!!! So as long as our plan and God's plan is still in line and our money flows stay, we are looking pretty tight financially!

This does…

New Year....

Good Morning Internet.....

Did you party hard last night? are you still hung over, do you need me to turn down the volume?

First off, I hope that this year treats you with lots of love, joy and health!

Chris and I are starting off the new year by dumping all the crap in our house and filling it up with fresh meats, veggies, whole grains and some healthier snack options. We will start with extra walking and get the food in order. I don't think that Chris has ever tracked his food on a daily basis before so should be a fun adventure!

Once we get the food under control, then we will continue to up the workouts together!

This is the first step in our two year plan to get into the house and family market!! We are not positive the baby thing will happen but we will have fun practicing!

So I guess its time to go work on our cupboard emptying project and have a budget meeting!

talk to you soon!