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My First BZZ Review - Danone Danactive Strawberry

So apparently for the BZZ Agents, I review the product elsewhere and then let them know!

So here goes, I am reviewing the Danone Danactive probiotic drink in Strawberry.   I was a little nervous when I was chosen for this campaign as I have a bit of a texture thing and am not a huge fan of creamy drinks at all.

A few days ago, i received my voucher for a free 8 pack of Danone Danactive and I headed out to the store to pick up my free case.   The packaging is nice and bright and sunny and caught my eye in the cooler.   I went to Pricesmart and I only had the choice of strawberry, however there are other flavours in other size packages.

I was very reluctant as I opened up my tiny little bottle, but I pulled back the tin topper and gave the top a lick! YUM, the strawberry flavour and smell was quite pleasant.  I popped back the rest of the drink in three easy swallows.   The small size makes it perfect if you are feeling wierd about drinking your yogurt instead of eating it.

The taste wa…

Stealing a page from tanya...who stole it from Carole

Today is May 25, 2010…

Outside my window: I see the gray clouds rolling in and the most beautiful array of coloured leaves.

I am hearing: The laboured sound of my own breathing, the clacking of the keys, the credits rolling on a movie and the air purifier.   I can also faintly here chris and his interview and the birds chirping

I am thinking: that I may need a nap before i head to the grocery store.

I am hoping: That even though I have been sick and having to take meds, and having a fever etc that little egg implanted well and we will have good news for people soon.

I am wondering: If Chris knows how proud of him I really am.

I am reading: the vampire diaries...but only when im not reading my text book

I am improving:  my health i think....well I have been trying, walking more and eating better and taking vitamins!

I am wearing: the most ridiculous outfit ever....please picture if you can, a red and white and green christmas fleece pant that says HO HO HO all over it, a pink  and white tank t…

Birthday List

Hello everyone,

You have been asking so here is a birthday list:

hand held GPS (for geocaching)ITUNES moneyQuad Latern by ColemanColeman stove with grill and burnerheadlamp but the lamp needs to be small, LED and flat (mec sells them)thermarest brand self inflating sleeping matArmy and Navy or MEC Gift card for a back packwireless indoor/outdoor speakers for computer/ipodskin/case for laptop (15.6)gift card for penningtons, additionelle or any other such plus size clothing storenew brascreen covers for my ipod  So hopefully that helps you all!

OMG....I used my first Coupon!

Okay I know I haven't done the class yet, but today I got a coupon for BOGO popcorn....So I went to the store and there was a sale on pudding cups too.

So I got 12 pudding cups and 2 boxes of microwave popcorn.   If I had bought it all seperatley it would have cost me just over 12 dollars and it cost me $5.68!   YAY!!

I am sure that sounds stupid to you, but I was pretty proud of myself.   I can't wait for the other coupons and things I have ordered to come so I can have even more savings.    I think I am going to really like this class.


A Revolution

Quite some time ago Chris and I attended the Financial Peace University with The Baron and The Baroness.   We have been slowly working on "living like no one else" so that one day we can live like no one else!

We were headed in a pretty good direction and Chris was almost debt free before he lost his job.   We were able to move and reduce our rent, and have tried really hard to stick to our budget.   We both have our 1000 we can access in an emergency, and our slowly slowly chipping away at the debt snowball.

Things have been tight, but not so tight that we can't even leave the house, but tight enough that we are not really getting ahead or making any progress on my large bills (student loans).   We do alot of bargain shopping and second hand shopping when we need stuff, but we dont really care about that!

The other day I noticed quite a few people I know talking about this Coupon Class....I was intrigued, what is this.  Then I saw the results of their shopping trips!   …

Good News!!!!

As many of you know, I have been watching the news, praying for and supporting the West Memphis Three for many years. I think I first heard about their case in my first year of criminology back at Douglas College when we were learning about coereced confessions.

I a bit of good news!

The state's highest court has scheduled oral arguments in Damien Echols' appeal for Sept. 30, 2010.

This comes a day after Gov. Mike Beebe appointed special justice Jeff Priebe to consider the appeal of the Damien Echols, who along with Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, were convicted of killing three boys in 1993 in West Memphis.

According to legal papers the Arkansas Supreme Court will consider, DNA testing and other powerful forensic evidence - combined with compelling evidence that the original jury foreman engaged in blatant misconduct that contributed to the jury's decision, proves that Echols was wrongfully convicted of murder.

National legal organizations, including the …