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Its all over....

Wow...its hard to believe but its finally over. I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand I am very sad, I met the most amazing people and had a tremendous amount of fun. On the other hand I am dying to actually cook in my own kitchen, and I could really use some sleep. My house and my husband are both feeling pretty neglected!

I have a ton of memories from the 17 days of the olympics here in vancouver and here are a few of my faves: (sorry they probably mean more to me than to you, but its my blog :P)

watching my hard work come to fruitionwatching the opening ceremonies while sitting with the spanish flag bearertrying to outsmart the stage nazi's with Delaine and Kat (you know who I mean LOL)"stalking" celebs at Vom 2watching the performers and the show evolve practice after practicebeing asked if I was a "take charge" kind of person (ie so your bossy huh?)standing in line with chris and knowing we had no set plan for the day but FUN!having a beer at…