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Its all over....

Wow...its hard to believe but its finally over. I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand I am very sad, I met the most amazing people and had a tremendous amount of fun. On the other hand I am dying to actually cook in my own kitchen, and I could really use some sleep. My house and my husband are both feeling pretty neglected!

I have a ton of memories from the 17 days of the olympics here in vancouver and here are a few of my faves: (sorry they probably mean more to me than to you, but its my blog :P)

  • watching my hard work come to fruition
  • watching the opening ceremonies while sitting with the spanish flag bearer
  • trying to outsmart the stage nazi's with Delaine and Kat (you know who I mean LOL)
  • "stalking" celebs at Vom 2
  • watching the performers and the show evolve practice after practice
  • being asked if I was a "take charge" kind of person (ie so your bossy huh?)
  • standing in line with chris and knowing we had no set plan for the day but FUN!
  • having a beer at Dix's with some new friends and some old ones too
  • the energy downtown
  • not being able to go 5 blocks in my smurf suit without being stopped for info and directions
  • watching the torch go by with my co-workers
  • getting into the "wrong" elevator and meeting nickelback
  • watching Maelle Ricker get her gold ceremony
  • seeing Paul Brandt live
  • getting chased off stage after taking pics on the podium
  • watching canada win Gold and hearing the cheering from outside the stadium
  • seeing 1200 teenagers spontaneously breaking into the national anthem
  • wrangling a moose with 6 of my favorite lumberjacks
  • Running in circles around BC place
  • not hitting a single spectator with my giant ball as I walked down the stairs
  • collecting pins and trading them too
  • talking to all the athletes
  • making new friends
  • hearing we ran out of beer on the second day
  • hearing the athletes ran out of condoms and needed more
  • getting to be a part of something so special
It was an amazing experience and I am proud of the whole thing! The Opening was beautiful and the closing was a good self deprecating fun fest.

We were the first country to hold an olympic ceremony indoors and we marked the first time that the energy consumption of the Olympic venues was tracked in real time and available to the public. Energy data was collected from the metering and building automation systems of nine of the Olympic venues and was displayed online through the Venue Energy Tracker project.

The torch travelled (in canada alone) approximately 45,000 kilometres (28,000 mi) over 106 days, making it the longest relay route within one country in Olympic history. The Olympic Torch was carried by approximately 12,000 Canadians and reached over 1,000 communities, it was taken by most any mode of transport you can think of including zamboni and dragon boat.

The Canadian Olympic Team closes out the third Olympic Games held in Canada with the most medals it has ever won – 27 – and a new all-time high of 14 gold medals, to lead all countries and break the all-time mark for any nation at a Winter Games.

For the first time in Games history, indigenous people were recognized as official Olympic partners, acknowledged as formal heads of state before a worldwide audience at the opening.

Were there things to criticize, absolutley, but all in all it was a great games and gave Canada some reasons to smile and I think for 17 short days it brought us all closer together as a country, a continent and a world.

I have taken the photos from Dotphoto down as I want to only showcase the good photo's. However I have made a few folders on picassa if you want to check out all the good bad and the ugly pictures that we took over the 17 days. I will let you know when I update the edits.

Here is the opening
The closing
The victory ceremony
and My pavilion day with Chris

Hope you enjoyed the games as much as I did.



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