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I remember

Today is remembrance day and I will remember not only those who have past but those who still fight.

Our lives are the way they are today because we rode on the back of our great grandfathers, grandfathers, our fathers and mothers, our sons and daughters and our friends.  

Today I am thankful for these people who have taken up the cross and walked into hell to try and end tyrany.    For those of you who have known me for a long time you know (and may be thinking WTF)...I do not support war but I do support our troops.   I think this is a distinction that needs to be made for me.

I am proud to be Canadian and that our legacy is more that of a peacekeeper than a war monger!  I have friends who are currently part of the Canadian and American military and I pray for them a lot and I ask each of you today to get on our knees and not only thank our veterans and soldiers for what they did/do for you but to pray for peace.

It doesn't matter if you believe in God, send it out to the unive…

World Suicide Prevention Day

A heavy topic for a Monday, and  Monday filled with joy in my world!

I am excited about vacationI have an amazing husband and I adore himI just spent an awesome evening my with familyI got little boy cuddles from both of my adorable nephewsToday is my Dad's BirthdayToday is Angels first day in a new jobToday is Karyn and Tamara's wedding dayWe are all healthy and happy I have a good paying job and a beautiful apartmentI am blessed and loved by God.
But this was not always the case in my life and I know in the lives of many others.   Today I felt compelled to share my story in case you needed to hear it:

In 1997 my life took a pivotal turn....I had made the decision to attend Bible College and after only a week there I was in a terrible car accident.   Thankfully no one was seriously injured and only the cars were destroyed but I was left with a tremendous amount of pain and some health issues that have lingered to this day.

Shortly after this I was approached by a woman who had…

I got to meet Jenny Lawson and COPERNICUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this took a little longer to write than I thought!

I was sure I would get home from our little trip to Seattle, finish packing my bag for camp and sit down and write you an awesome blog!  HAHHAHAHAHHA

Not even close....

Okay so just in case you live in a cave you need to go read the bloggess....any post will do but I really love this one:

This was the very first post of hers I read and then I had to go back and read all the other ones, she really is that funny!  I highly recommend subscribing to her feed.

Back on track...the reading!

Angel, Kam and I got up early and headed out to Seattle and of course we did a bit of shopping on the way down; I mean really, who can resist?  We found some great deals and excitedly headed to Costco, yup Costco!   We were so excited that we ended up getting there at 2:30 for the 6:30 start, sigh...

We thought we would scope out the signing area and then get a h…
A really cool way to see what I have been talking about!!   I am glad that words like Friends, Thank, God, Share and Family are bigger than fear, pain and cried!

Thanks for helping me make my tree filled with beautiful words!

I can't believe its actually over.... UPDATED X1

Today I walked down the hall alone...the sweatshirt in my hand the only thing to prove I was here.   I thought back to the first day, how excited I was, how scared I was!   Today I am filled with an extreme conflict of emotions; I am incredibly sad, unbelievably relieved that it is finally done and unbearably empty.   Mixed in with that is a sense of pride and happiness but that seems to be overshadowed by a deep sense of "is that it??"

I think back on what a long road it has been its hard to believe that is started because Dave McDonald asked me "if you had no obstacles and no worries, what would you do with the rest of your life?".   It was Fall 1996 and we were at a retreat up at Manning Park and we were tucked into a low ceilinged room in the basement.   He had us all sitting in a circle and after we had gone around and said what we would do with our lives, he looked at us and said "Well....why aren't you doing it?" and then he walked out.   That …

Have you met Jenny Lawson yet?

If you haven't headed my advice and gone to check out yet....go there and come back!

Did you make it back?   I sure hope so, is she not truly brilliant?   I wanted to tell you about her new book "Lets Pretend This Never Happened"  (go buy it here)

This book is such a fun read, although there are some stories that just tug on your heart and some that are horrifying (honest when she warns you about the deer picture...just look away!), she tells them in such an honest and HILARIOUS way!

Interspersed amongst the amazing stories about her childhood, marriage and motherhood are these transcripts of actual conversations between her and her husband Victor!   According to the author herself, this man deserves a medal, but sometimes he is just as quirky and crazy as she is and that makes it so much more fun!

While you are there, stop by her shop and check out her awesome swag...I want the Lawsbian Pride Shirt!  Come join the club...all the cool kids are doi…

A little follow up to yesterdays post.....

I have a lot to be thankful for...and you know it I wanted to take this time to sit down and say thank you to a few key people who really helped me out over this last really really hard year!

2011 was filled with pain for me and I have to say I was pretty glad to see it in my rear view mirror! Right off the bat, I experienced a devastating diagnosis of an issue with my brain. I was terrified and pained by the emotional toll of what it would all mean. The physical pain of the symptoms, and the psychological fear that came with not knowing what was happening. I was so worried I would end up being a huge burden on my husband.

Throughout all this my friends and family were really supportive and helped me get better! So thank you! The hugest of all to my loving husband who put up with my tears, my inability to get out of bed and for keeping our household together!!

It was hard to keep work, health, school, volunteering and my commitments under control, I was slammed....all thin…

How are you today??

I am doing well...thanks for asking!

Thought I should stop by and give an update since I know you are dying to know what I am doing on a daily basis! HAHAHAH

So what is new....

My Blog Post from July 31, 2011 about Growing Guiding at the Vancouver Pride Festival is one of the top 25 viewed GGC blogs! You can actually vote for my blog as one of your faves by going here!! I would love it if you would!!

My Mom is finished her treatement and doing well! read about it here and you can even help her name her new Foob! Wanna know what a foob is? better go read the post :)

Rachel is doing well! She has been working hard and hopes to be out of the hospital in June! YAY, let me know if you want to go visit and I will set something up and maybe we can all go out for lunch?

For those of you who know me really well, you know that I am pretty stage shy! Funny since I sing in a pretty amazing choir (voted top three in Vancouver!!! Well Gail did a call for a solo and I thought what the heck …

Having a Rough Day - Please Pray...

One of my oldest and dearest friends was in a very very serious car accident two days ago. I found out yesterday at around 2:30 and I am being overrun by so many emotions and feelings and thoughts.

First was fear - what will happen?

Second was guilt - they had been trying to get a hold of me since earlier in the day. My phone was in my purse on silent because I was at work.

Third was fear - what will happen...

Fourth was the need to help in some way and then of course back to fear!

And this has been going on since yesterday.

She was airlifted to Vancouver so that some of the best doctors in the world could work on her! She has sensation in her legs but no movement. The body is an amazing thing and I truly belive her own body is protecting her while the surgeons stabilize her!! She spent most of yesterday in surgery and will be in the hospital for 3 or 4 weeks and then in rehab for several months.

Her husband is the strong and silent type. He does his own thing and I can…

I just need to say this....

This week I have been confronted by many things that have made me stop and really work my tinkboxer! (thats brain for you non campers...)

I truly believe in God and his love for me....I believe that he puts people, situations, words...whatever in my line of sight as a way of speaking to me. You can call it Kismit, Fate, The Universe, Buddha, Mohammed, Ganesh, The Stars whatever you like but I call it God. I still love you even if you call it horseshit!

I wanted to share some of the things that have touched me latlely.

1. I am an avid reader of and she has been talking about a site called Unbreakable

I have been so moved by the courage of these people to face their fears and shame and say NO...SHAME IS FOR THE ATTACKER! It reminds me of the strength of the human spirit

2. Why I hate Religion....I have long felt alone and ashamed of my disgust for organized religion which I felt was is in direct contradiction to my love of God. Its nice to know I am not alone. …

So its been a week....Getting fit all over!

So as my loyal readers know (all 3 of you thanks for checking in!) Chris and I are getting fit - emotionally, financially and physically! You will have to scroll to the end if you just want to see the results in numbers!

We sat down, paid off all our credit cards and Chris cancelled one of his cards. We have enough credit between us to be able to book any minor travel but not so much we can't pay it off right away if we got in to far! We have a pre paid card as well if we need to charge something more than what would fit on each of our credit cards. That feels pretty good!

We have set out our budgets and after making some changes we are both putting away some decent savings and are on track to purchase a new to us car in May (with payments please!), to take a dream trip to europe in 2013 and to consider purchasing mid 2014!!! So as long as our plan and God's plan is still in line and our money flows stay, we are looking pretty tight financially!

This does…

New Year....

Good Morning Internet.....

Did you party hard last night? are you still hung over, do you need me to turn down the volume?

First off, I hope that this year treats you with lots of love, joy and health!

Chris and I are starting off the new year by dumping all the crap in our house and filling it up with fresh meats, veggies, whole grains and some healthier snack options. We will start with extra walking and get the food in order. I don't think that Chris has ever tracked his food on a daily basis before so should be a fun adventure!

Once we get the food under control, then we will continue to up the workouts together!

This is the first step in our two year plan to get into the house and family market!! We are not positive the baby thing will happen but we will have fun practicing!

So I guess its time to go work on our cupboard emptying project and have a budget meeting!

talk to you soon!