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A little follow up to yesterdays post.....

I have a lot to be thankful for...and you know it I wanted to take this time to sit down and say thank you to a few key people who really helped me out over this last really really hard year!

2011 was filled with pain for me and I have to say I was pretty glad to see it in my rear view mirror! Right off the bat, I experienced a devastating diagnosis of an issue with my brain. I was terrified and pained by the emotional toll of what it would all mean. The physical pain of the symptoms, and the psychological fear that came with not knowing what was happening. I was so worried I would end up being a huge burden on my husband.

Throughout all this my friends and family were really supportive and helped me get better! So thank you! The hugest of all to my loving husband who put up with my tears, my inability to get out of bed and for keeping our household together!!

It was hard to keep work, health, school, volunteering and my commitments under control, I was slammed....all things seeming to happen at the same time!

I was really let down by someone I thought was a close friend. Someone who I thought would stand by me just as I had stood by the year before when she had been going through crisis after crisis. This was someone that I had worked hard with and for. Someone who needed support and for whom I shouldered the burden even when I was hardly able to keep it all together! No explanations just turned from me taking away relationships and efforts that I had worked very hard for, again a huge thank you to my friends and family for understanding my hurt and confusion and for helping me see the value in myself!

My Mom being diagnosed with Cancer was devastating....I don’t have many words to say about this one...only that I praise God every day for taking her cancer away and leading her on a road to recovery! I think this made our family tighter and closer and for that I say Thank you!

My Aunt was diagnosed with Cancer a very short time after my mother was. The prognosis was VERY bleak and we wouldn’t know for sure until they did surgery! God was faithful once again and by some miracle they were able to so completely remove the cancer that she didn’t even need to have chemo or radiation!

Through all this was School, Work, Girl Guides, Choir, trying to be healthy, trying to keep my home up and love on my husband! There were some days when I really truly thought that I would be crushed under it all!

Some of the crap filtered into the new year but so far 2012 has been pretty amazing!

My Mom is Cancer Free!!
My Husband and I love our new home!!
My nephews get cuter every minute!!
My health is greatly improved!!
I have some really amazing friends!!
I learned a lot about myself!!

I wanted to specifically thank Belinda and the WCA Council, for being gracious after things settled with my mother and then my classes fell on the same evenings as Area meetings for not kicking me out! I promise I am still here in the background and my classes are no longer on Thursdays! YAY!

I want to thank Helen, Kerrie, Ciara, Lisa, Lianne, Tracey, Nadia, Ali and all the cravings/holidaze crew for reminding me that I am valuable to this organization and I have worked my ASS off this last few years and people see that! Thanks for inviting me to the awards dinner, I had a blast!

I want to thank Angel, Kam, Rachel, Jenn and Brooklyn for reminding me that it doesn’t matter if you see someone every day that you can still be an amazing friend! At different times for different reasons you have all been a resting place for me and I am so so so thankful to call you guys my besties! I can’t wait to laugh about these days when we are 70 and sitting on the dock at the lake...watching the grandbabies and enjoying the warm summer breeze!

Angel....You rock....the end!

Rachel, I want to tell you that I am praying for you all the time and I am constantly inspired by your positivity and dedication to getting better! You are a true hero!

I want to thank my family for always having my back....don’t think they don’t set me straight when I am being a jerk...they do! But they are always there! Thanks so much, you are a constant source of joy and sometimes hilarity for me! I am blessed to have you and I am glad to also call you friends!

I want to thank the Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir....I am constantly renewed each and every Monday! I am so honoured to be a part of such a talented group!

Lastly, I want to thank my husband, a true and amazing man who understands the words we said in our vows! Through Good Times and Bad, in Sickness and Health, Rich or Poor....We had some rough days over the last year but I think it has made us a stronger better couple and I am so excited to spend the rest of my days by your side!

God has blessed me and I pray that he does the same in your life too dear reader! I am incredibly sorry if I forgot to thank someone break is ending and I better run!

Let this be a note to you to thank someone today! They just might need the kind word!


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