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Update on life...

Another year has almost past by!!!

Today is my lovely sisters birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANYA!  This also means that it is only 4 days until my birthday.   Its hard to believe its the 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday! hehehe just kidding...sort of?   I do feel like time is slipping by in an ever increasing manner though!

So here is my update:

Marriage - IS AWESOME!   I love my husband and I am so proud to be his wife.   He is kind and lovely and always willing to work with me as we journey along.   Its great to have a true partner I can count on who loves and respects me!   He is also very very forgiving especially at the start and end of the school year!!!!

Work - IS AWESOME!   I am loving my new job and its a total fit for me.   I have tons of awesome projects to work on and lots of flexibility to do it all my way.

Choir - IS AWESOME!!  in four days we will be performing our world premiere of our choral piece that was commissioned in part to honour the 125 birthday of Vancouver.  Paul Halley will be coming to Vancouver to work with us, the Vancouver Children's Choir and the Christ Church Cathedral Choir.  Its going to be amazing and as far as I know we are SOLD OUT!

District - IS...You guessed it AWESOME....but very very tiring.   Denise and I are very very lucky to have a small team of people who work very very hard and join us when people drop the ball!   I think some people don't understand that when they don't do their job, we can either punish the girls and cancel or the DC team has to step in!   Its a lot of extra work, that sadly prevents us from doing what we are supposed to be doing!   They are all going to camp on my birthday and I am super bummed I can't go!   The girls will have a great time and it will be a great send off to top off a fun year!

Area - IS ...welll...I think it just is!   We had a very fun time with our sparks and brownies this last weekend and it looked like they had a great time.   Denise and I (have I mentioned how amazing Denise is????) have decided to stop focusing on special events and get back to what we are supposed to be doing, which is helping the guiders understand and deliver program and challenges in a fun and easy way!   We will be spending the next year focusing on spreading the word about program and doing some awesome trainings for new guiders!   We let area know that if they want to put together committees to work on special events we will gladly sit on the committees but we will not head them anymore!   I am not that optimistic they will happen!

Attitude - IS good I think....really pushing myself to keep going and be positive even when things feel a bit crazy and I am overextended!

Family - IS SUPER AWESOME...again with the amazing husband and I am so lucky to have such a great family that lives so close.   I see my sister, Andre and the kids pretty much every week!   The boys are the absolute joy of my life and I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to them on the phone and hearing all about their adventures.   I get to see my mom, dad and Brian not as often, but still usually at least once or more a month!  They are moving soon, and I am happy for them to have a great house to move into!

Friends - ARE AMAZING....I have been so lucky in my life and I have made some really great friends.   I am blessed to have a small group of really amazing people who I adore.   In highschool it was all about how many people you knew and how full your address book was (yes I am actually that old!!!).   Now that I am older it really is about those amazing friendships that stand the test of time.   Some you don't see that often but when you do you fall right back into your groove as if you have never been apart.   Some you see all the time and it doesn't matter how much time you spend together....there is always something to talk about!   I am so blessed to have such great THANK YOU!!!!!!
School - IS stalled?   I am hoping to go back to school for September, I am just waiting to hear about my scholarship and hoping that my brain will improve (see health section) and I can keep it together and get a good grade!

Health - IS SUCK....okay to be fair its up and down but its still really getting me down.   When my meds are up there is much less pressure on my brain and my optic nerves but the side effects include intense tingling in all my extremities (sometimes very very painful) including my face, severe apathy, short term memory loss, inability to recall information as quickly as usual,  heightened emotions and extreme fatigue (really hard to lose weight btw when you can barely drag yourself out of bed!!).  So when I have good pressure readings they lower the meds which helps a little with the other symptoms but they are still there and then I get more headaches and my pressure goes back they put the meds back up....lather...rinse....repeat!!!   With all the ups and downs of the meds I just spend all my time adjusting to the medication and as soon as I even out and things seem to level off I have an appointment and it changes again!   I think this time I am going to tell her just to leave me at the higher level until I have a remission and then see how it goes.  Chris and I really really really want to start a family and we can't do that until I am off the meds completely.   I am very very thankful to have a great group of people I have connected with on the internet who have the same thing and who are a great source of support and practical advice!

Life in General - IS AMAZING!!!!!!!   I am a blessed woman and I am so happy to have such a great group of friends and family.  I am praying that this next year will be one filled with renewed health and continued weight loss for me and full of blessings and love for everyone!!   I trust in God that he will provide Chris and I with all the things we are hoping for!

Love ya....T


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