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I am Sad and Torn Today.....

As we all know by now Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American troops just outside of Islamabad.   Do not get me wrong, I do not  think this is the bad part.

What makes me so sad is that people are partying in the street.   People are rejoicing that someone is dead and they are openly wishing someone a painful horrid death filled with  an eternity experiencing anguish and torture in Hell.  This thought makes me so sad.    Have we actually become so jaded?   

Moreover, have we become so blind?    Bin Laden was merely a figure head, a face to a cause.   There are millions behind him who will step up and continue his war.    Until we can come to a peaceful understanding it will NEVER end.    This makes me even more sad.

As many of my dutiful readers know I am a very empathetic person and also very logical (okay well most of the time) and I will often present the devils advocate point of view just so it can be said and maybe cause some to think before they rant!

I want to preface this next part by saying I am by no means standing up and saying that I support the ideals of the Jihad or extremist Muslims, I am just asking people to look at this from another point of view.

When I first heard the news of Bin Laden's death I was pleased (as pleased I guess as you can be over someones death) and immediately thought that maybe this would mean that our young men and women overseas may be able to come home.   As many of you know I have several friends who are in the Canadian military and I pray daily for the safety of everyone over there.  I digress...

Shortly after my brief feeling of pleasure it was replaced with deep deep sadness as I realized that our young men and women won't be able to come home and in fact we could be bracing ourselves for some terrible times to come.   

Think of all of this for just one second from the eyes of a child who grew up with Al Qaida parents in an Al Qaida family on an Al Qaida compound.   This child has likely done nothing wrong, but knows no other life.   Right or Wrong it is all they know.   To that child...We are the Terrorists!!   What a horrible thought!!!

Someone will step up and replace Bin Laden, they will be more or less fanatical than he was and we will have to deal with that as well.   A friend said to me today, what if Bin Laden was the calm one?   what if he was the one who told people to hold off, wait...plan?   Does this mean we will have outright chaos in their organization and tons of attacks on our men and women still over there?

Today, I am sad and torn and confused. I will never forget September 11th and all that has happened since, I will not take time for granted any longer and I pray that we never face anything like that again!  I will thank God that we are one step closer to overcoming this fight.

I will get on my knees and pray today and everyday and ask God to deliver a miracle in this situation.   To spread his peace over everyone.  What I can not do though is rejoice and take pleasure in the death of another human being.  

I am sorry if this offends you, I feel all life is precious and I am so tired of always hearing of nothing but death and destruction!


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