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My Journey as an olympic volunteer so far....

Hey Guys,

I have to say I am still on super high from last night, here are some pictures from the last few days. I will keep updating as the weeks go along so keep checking back. when you click the link if it doesn't go right to the photos just hit "guest" and log in!

Yesterday morning I got up early and ran down to Main and Hastings and joined up with my co workers to watch the torch go by and I was so so so glad that I did. It was the coolest thing and really got my olympic fire going! Then it was off to the stadium for a long long day at work!

I hope you all got to see the show last night, I really really enjoyed it, and I hope you did too.

I started volunteering back in November, and I really want to thank my awesome husband for putting up with my NEVER being home! With work, brownies, choir, school and the olympics I have basicly been home to sleep and shower and that's it! He was very patient even though anytime anyone asked what i was doing I replied "I am making sandwiches, big awesome sandwiches!"

For those of you who did watch, I was working on the First Nations portion of the show. What an amazing experience. although I have to say I didn't really have any olympic spirit until I saw a full rehersal a few weeks ago.

When I first started working I was helping distress the fiddles you saw in the tapper/fiddler section, I also worked on the skaters portion for a short time. I was briefly assigned to the aerial skiers portion but then I was moved onto the first nations team where I stayed until last night.

The energy in the building last night was indescribable! The energy was flowing from the staff, the volunteers, the athletes and the crowd. We worked our butts off yesterday getting the stadium ready to go, putting out programs, drum kits and snow everywhere. I think the stadium looked awesome. We had some free time so we had dinner and hung out like crazy groupies at the "special guest" entry and got the occasional photos while we gabbed and waited for the call to head out.

When it was time to go we got our props and ran down to our vom (enterance) and waited for our kids to show up! We got to watch all the athlete teams walk by which was really good. Once the kids showed up and we handed out our props, we ran down the ring road under the seats to get back to the props area. We joined up with the rest of our team and we became the human barricade that stopped the athlete teams so the placard bearers could get back to their area on the other side of the ring road.

This was cool because we actually got some time to stop and talk to the stopped teams. I was given olympic pins from Italy, Korea and Romania and we got lots of pictures taken with the athletes. (and no we did not see the hockey team because they did not show up!). Once that was completed we had to run back around the ring road to go pick up our props at the vom and take them back to storage.

We found out yesterday that we would be put into the athlete's seats to watch the rest of the show, and we were beyond EXCITED!!! I got to sit beside the Spanish flag bearer and one of the Romanian athletes. Watching the show was amazing and even cooler than I imagined. The excitement in the air was palpable.

When we left the stadium the streets were super packed, so a few of us headed over to Dixs on Beatty and had some appies and beer and waited for the crowd to thin out. I got home and curled up with my hubby and watched the show again with my husband. I finally got to sleep around 2 am!

Now its time to switch the show around to the closing ceremonies! If you think you liked the opening just you wait for the closing! it will be twice the show I am told!

I don't really know, I am just going back to making Great Big Awesome Sandwiches!

Check back with you later!


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