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Lunch Time Review - Arturo's Mexican to Go

Today I lost my lunch buddies and was on my own.    I could sit in the cold office reading my book or go for a walk and see what happens!

I mentioned to our HR person that I didn't know what I wanted to eat and that I may just wander until something appeared and inspired me, she told me I MUST go try the "Taco Truck". 

She told me which direction to start walking in and I vaguely remembered passing by Howe and Cordova late one afternoon and seeing a "Taco Truck" packing up.  

When I arrived at Howe and Cordova I was met with this lovely sight:

I ordered the Calle Trio which is 3 corn tortilla's with your choice of meat and salsa.    It comes with black beans, rice and salad for $9.50 ; I also ordered a bottle of water for $1.   The staff are quick, efficient and clean, and I was impressed by how quickly my "non-fast food" was done.

A plus for this food truck - they take debit and credit cards, but I had cash and left a nice tip.    I ordered 1 Chicken and 2 Beef taco's and I should have known when the guy smiled when I asked for it medium spicy!

As you can see the portion is HUGE and all lovely fresh ingredients.  I could not stop eating the salad which was a simple lettuce salad with lime, mango, pico de gallo, corn, black beans and cheese.

The chicken taco went first and it was AMAZING!   The chicken was moist and perfectly seasoned.   There was a lovely bite from the salsa, jalapeno's and onions.   I added some black beans and rice, which as many of you know is huge because I hate mexican rice.   This rice was nice, not dry, not wet, not overly tomatoey or spicy, it was just nice!

The beef taco's were more spicy and very very tender.   The chipotle was a lovely warm flavour that was in perfect balance with the fresh veggies and beans.   A word to the sensitive, I like a nice spicy meal, so if you are a wimp go with the mild!   I think if I ordered just chicken I might have to kick up the spice level but the beef was the perfect mix of spicy and yummyness!

I stuffed my face, until I could eat no more and alas I was not even close to clearing the plate!   In my humble opinion, well worth the $10 and it was a nice walk.
Another bonus with Arturo's is that they have the corn option for those who are gluten free and they have a burrito in a bowl for those who are carb free.   You get all the ingredients from the burrito but on the salad!   If your going low fat you could drop the cheese and sourcream as well because they ask you what toppings you would like for each dish.

I highly recommend you make a stop at Arturo's Mexican to Go next time your in the neighborhood for lunch on a work day.  If you have the Eat Street App it is located under "Revuelta Cue Arturo."   Here is their website -

I hope you all had a wonderful lunch and I leave you with this parting shot of my "lunch room" this afternoon!

Till next time.....


Laura said…
Yumm! Now I am starving! I had a dilly bar for lunch

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