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Tales from the Trenches...

It’s the post you have all been waiting for…..

The dating stories!!!

Okay to be honest I only have 3 so it’s not a super long one!

Story #1:

Online dating story, you say? My favourite (other than meeting Mr. French) is the guy I met for coffee downtown. We wandered the West End. He ducked into a McD's to use the toilet. When he came out he said "oh well...uh...yeah listen... if you want to hold hands just know, uh... there was no working sink in the bathroom, so you're going to want to hold THIS hand..."
(I didn't want to hold hands.) – Mrs. French

I don’t think we blame you Mrs. French!!
I can safely say I wouldn’t have wanted to hold hands either.  
At least he told you though ICK!!!!!!

Story #2:

Love the blog.....Here's one.....So I was talking with this guy for a while, let’s call him The Butcher.  We talked all the time, really interested in each other and was getting very personal over text and phone.  The day we meet, he wanted to start with a coffee, then a movie, then he'd make me dinner and even went as far as to ask me what tea I liked for breakfast so he could have it in the house.  I said we'd start with the coffee and go from there. 

We met at Timmy's and instantly he was on his phone.  We got our coffees; we paid for our own and sat down.  We had nice conversation for about 5 minutes and he excused himself to use the bathroom.  I waited, waited, WAITED and then got up and looked outside and his car was gone.  He just up and left; completely ghosted after that.  Was quite the letdown walking out of that coffee shop and holding back the tears, was hard.  My boobs by the way looked awesome!!! – Mrs. Stood Up

I think we can all agree that it was his loss and you are better off!
I am super sorry that happened.  I know how it feels.

Story #3:

This story was told to me by a friend and it’s too weird not to share.  She went to meet her date, who appeared by all normal standards to be a gentleman.  They went to a pub to have a drink and talk.   He opened the door for her and they sat down and she ordered a pint while he ordered a glass of red wine and a glass of ice water.  When their drinks arrived he proceeded to down the glass of water and pour the ice into his wine.

He reached over onto another table and picked up the newspaper and began to read….while she watched him…read, and read…….and read.   She tried to engage him in conversation and he would give her short one word answers.  She spent most of her time watching sports on the TV and when she finished her beer, they went to leave.  At this point he may have said maybe 7 sentences to her.   He walked her to her car and said he had a great time and would love to see her again.   Then he leaned in for a kiss.

Not surprisingly she didn’t go on another date.

Update time….

It has been a busy week in the land of Tara and I won't bore you with the same updates on the same people.   But, not much has changed...still the same people messaging and the same people sending me dick pics LOL...oh yeah that happens...all the time!

Hows Is your day?......DICK PIC

Mr. Adam’s – We hung out yesterday and had a really good time with amazing conversation.  I think we are going to be good friends!

The Foreman – how do you insert a gooshy sigh and smile here?  

In the last week we have seen each other 4 times and we are going to vote and then have dinner tonight too.  We are both trying to play it cool and see where it goes but we do like spending time together, we never seem to run out of things to talk about (two talkative Gemini’s here) and we have a ton in common while still having lots of our own things.   

He actually met the family and survived – to be honest thrived so that’s totally points up in my book LOL.  I may be in trouble with this one dear readers….

I am going to just keep being open to the universe and enjoy the ride. We are both not that far out of fairly serious relationships and so we are being cautious while having a good time.

So what shall I write about next dear readers?  We have talked about dating sites…should we talk about the “evolution” of dating type relationships?  What about safety tips for online dates?   Any topic ideas?

Would you like to write a guest piece about your experience dating...that would be fun!

Talk to you soon,



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