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This week in online dating - you are Amazed by Me....

Or..alternatively - How does this chick get all these guys??

I think sometimes people are a bit amazed when they see me and see that I don’t really have a problem getting dates.  Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a post about me bashing myself so get off your soap boxes; but I think we have this media culture that tells us



 I am going to have to call bullshit!

I will admit, if I a guy is super-hot, I generally don’t email or wink at him first.   I automatically assume that they will not be interested in me.   It always boggles my mind when a total hottie messages me and tells me how beautiful I am.   I regret to say I often ask them if they have seen all my pictures and know that I am a bigger more fluffy girl.   99.8% of the time the reply I get back is:

OH YES….I love a girl with gorgeous curves like yours.

I have to be honest; I get about 3 times as many messages as I tell you guys about.   First – I am trying to keep this blog relatively PG (maybe R some days) and Second – I don’t pay attention to a lot of it or maybe I should say I don’t follow up on the offers is more like it.

Now I know that this will surprise some of you, but I challenge you to examine why?  Have you gotten so caught up in the media hype yourself?  Is it your own sexual preferences?  I mean I know I am not attracted to overly large men; but I think the difference is that I know other women are and lots of overly large men get a ton of uh…

I don’t want to toot my own horn but I do have a fairly healthy self-esteem (most days) and I think I am pretty awesome.   I have gorgeous eyes and a killer smile.  I am kind of adorable and really funny; not to mention humble hahaha.  I have a sweet rack, a juicy patootie and most importantly I have a great personality.

I think we have to remember to think outside our little boxes some days.

My dear friend Angel told me a few weeks ago to take my head out of my butt when I was saying “he’s not really my type”.   She reminded me that my “type” landed me with two divorces and a handful of heartache!  I had already been stepping outside of my comfort zone and it just confirmed to me that I should be open to whatever the universe throws in my lap. 

So bring It on universe this is the summer of love!...or lust hehehe

Now the part you have all been waiting for:

Dutch – messaged me this morning to see what I was up too…not sure what his game is but okay.

Rico – we had another date and it was okay…no fireworks.  Not so sure!

The Engineer and Poly – are still on the scene but haven’t seen either of them with such a hectic schedule.

Mr. Adam’s – we are supposed to get together next week so we will see!  He is great fun to hang out with!

And new on the scene is…

The Cowboy – this is straight up lust, I doubt it will go anywhere but a date or two would be fun.   He is gorgeous, tall, bearded (this is a new thing to me as most of you know beards terrified me for years), built like WOAH and has this tattoo that covers like ¾ of his torso that makes me a bit weak in the knees.

The Foreman – we actually met on bumble (see it works…sometimes!!) and then stumbled across each other in a mutual group.  So last night we just spur of the moment decided to get together.   He had a crappy day in the rain and I was exhausted from (of all things) reading all day.   We talked for a couple of hours about nothing and everything and then curled up together and watched a thriller.  It was an amazing night and he is a great kisser boys and girls!  We already have another date on the books so…. (insert adorable blushy face here)

That is that my friends.   

Still looking for more stories!  I will post the two I have on Monday, with a few of my older stories if I don’t get anymore!

Till Later, 



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